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Chapter Eight: Soul Container, Bridge in the Moon Light (5)

March 27, 2012

Tang San thought of an important question: “Teacher, how do I tell how strong a soul monster is, or the years it has been practicing.”

Da Master said, “It is not hard to tell a soul monster’s strength. Look at this lonely bamboo in front of you, it is also a kind of soul monster, belongs to plants. It is very useful for you, because it is firm and hard to break, although it does not attack much, it is a good defender. This is a ten year lonely bamboo, since the height of it is not more than ten meters, higher than ten meters would be a hundred year one. So commonly, to judge how strong a soul monster is, first look at the volume, and also the color of the soul force when it uses it, the color is same as the years, ten year would be white, hundred year would be yellow. Of course when you are facing an unknown monster, you should not peek at (like a duck) its soul force. If it is stronger than you can endure, the result is even miserable to think about.”

“Teacher, are we going to hunt this lonely bamboo?”

The bamboo was not that eye-catching. It was because it was surrounded by huge trees instead of other bamboos that it was easily seen. It was shaking around, and the branches moving with the wind.

Da Master said, “Not now, if we cant find something more of a fit, we will choose it. We must be very careful choosing soul rings. You cant change any of your soul rings. Soul Apprentice advancing to soul master is able to absorb hundred year soul ring. Precisely, the soul monsters that practiced fewer than four hundred and twenty-three years. I have carefully researched a lot of soul monsters, successful ones, failures. Four hundred and twenty-three years should be the limit of the first soul ring. So, I hope your first soul ring is as close to this limit as possible.”

Da Master’s research on martial souls is always that accurate. Tang San felt lucky to have such a teacher existing.

“Both are hundred soul rings, the soul ring from a hundred year soul monster and the one from nine hundred year soul monster are the same color, but the property augment will be very different. To chase for the limit of the soul ring under the consideration of safety, is a core course for all good soul masters.”

Continue moving, Da Master  was giving a live experience lesson. Because of the smelling ability of Luo Three Cannon, even some soul monsters hidden in the dark will be discovered by them. Maybe because  these are all ten years, they are not eager to attack. Da Master introduce all the names, properties, and how to judge the year difference to Tang San.

Looking up, Da Master said, “It seemed that tonight we had to live in the soul hunt forest. Let us find a camping site.”

Looking for half a year, although there are a lot of fitting soul monsters around, Da Master was not in a hurry to kill, and was very patient to look around more.

Da Master chose the camping site at a valley, the surroundings were complicated, and a lot of huge trees around.

Da Master took a wrist shaped soul container of his write, and retrieved a big glass bottle to hand to Tang San, “spill around, remember, sill evenly.’

“Ok”, Tang San took the bottle over, there were powders instead, smell pungent. Tang San moved his nose and noticed it was like a kind of herb medicine in his prelife. Tang Clan was famous for  the assassin weapons and poison, although he was an outsider, he was good at distinguishing poison. When they were looking for soul monsters, he already found a bunch of poisonous grass he could recognize and put in the Bridge in the Moon Light, Da Master had exhaustive knowledge in martial soul, but not as good as finding poisonous grass. Especially some of them need to be together to become poisonous.

After spilling the powders, Tang San gave the bottle back to Da Master.

“Do you know why do I ask you to spill these out?” Da Master looked strict, now he was teacher testing on the skills of the students.

Since he was already able to tell what the powders were, Tang San of course understood Da Master’s intention. He said, “should be two uses, first to hide our own smell, the other to drive insects, snakes, rats, ants away.”

Da Master nodded, “You are right, exactly. This is snake driving powder, must have for adventures. Remember, in the forest, especially the one with soul monsters, do not use fire. Although a lot of soul monsters are afraid of fire, but some especially strong ones like fire, if meeting them, unless you are good enough, otherwise it is death.”

It was getting dark, but forest was not quiet. Insects, birds monsters were all making noises.

No fire, all dark around. Tang San and Da Master ate some dinner and two of them laying on a big tree to rest.

Da Master was a qualified teacher, or he saw Tang San as important, although it was resting time, he asked Tang San all the knowledge he taught in the day to deepen the impression.

Tang San was good at memorizing. Plus it was first time to get in touch with soul monsters. He remembered better since it was new and surprising. Occasionally when he had it wrong, Da master would correct him.

“Xiao San, do you know why I say soul master’s practice at young ages are the most important?” Da Master’s voice carried something sorrow.

Tang San shook his head, waiting for his teacher’s explanation.

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