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Chapter Nine: Blue Silver Grass’s First Soul Ring (1)

March 28, 2012

“The practice of the soul master is a very important process before twenty years old. It is believed, achievement before twenty years old determines how far you can go in the future. Level thirty, is the barrier between ice and fire(is there a song about it?). Before twenty years old, get over this barrier, then nobody can estimate your future. If you cant get over by twenty, you might never be able to. The youth is the strength, has the potential. So, you now, can not waste a single minute. Your first, second soul rings I can help you, but when you need the third soul ring, I can not do anything, by then you have to depend on yourself. You cant take a shortcut (mushrooms?) at soul force practice, the only way is to move your soul force through meditation. Although you have the advantage of born with full soul force, but you can not be lazy, or else, you do not deserve to be my student.

“Oink, Oink”, just at this time, mutant Luo Three Cannon’s alarmed them.

The martial soul is connected with the master, Da Master immediately felt something and jumped up and looked towards one direction.

At this time, it is completely dark. In the blurry, more than ten grey green light points moving towards them.

“It is Hades wolf. ” Da Master’s voice became low, but he was not afraid, “Xiao San, do not move, stay here.”

Luo Three Cannon “oink, oink” more, seemed to be trying to scare those incoming. Da Master did not see, Tang San’s eyes became purple, the things in the dark became clearer for him.

It is all together six wolf type soul monsters, all around one point six meters long, iron colored, the grey green things were their eyes. Now they were moving towards Luo Three Cannon.

Luo Three Cannon seemed to make them uneasy, they kept a half circle getting nearer.

Da Master made a cold hum,”A bunch of ten leveled small wolves dared to disturb me, Three Cannon”

Luo Three Cannon roared, a breathing noise sounding  like storm came from him. His already fat belly swelled at an incredible speed, looked as if a sphere being magnified gradually. (Is sphere a shape?)

Da Master waved his hand, one of his yellow soul rings flew one out and wrapped around Luo Three Cannon, and yelled seriously, “Fart like thundering, bomb the sky and split the earth, Luo Three Cannon.”

The clear blue eyes of Luo Three Cannon shone, the yellow ring around it became a light screen, spherical body bounced of, and climbed to a oops five meter high, body turning in the air, and then thunder like sound instantly generated.

Did not know from when, Da Master had two masks, and handed one to Tang San, and wore the other himself.

Unconsciously, Tang San put the mask on, and stared at Luo Three Cannon again. With the thunder, a yellow light screen came out from it, covering all the six ten year old Hades wolves.

The body of the six Hades wolves were bounced up like sags after the attack and thrown to more than ten meters away. Two of the wolves’ waists hit the trunk, and shrieked and could not come up again.

All the other Hades wolves turned around on the ground, Tang San saw clearly using his purple monster eyes that there was blood coming out of their noses and mouths, it was seen how big a shake it was. Except the two on the trunk, the others ran away as fast as they could.

Da Master used this to teach Tang San. “Wolves and dogs are alike. They have steel head, iron bones and Tofu waist. Their waists are their most vulnerable part. ” While saying, Da Master stepped up, with a short knife in hand out of no where, moved by the throat of the two not moving wolves, and then put more powders on their body to cover the smell.

“Look, soul ring is going to show up.” With Da Master’s reminding, Tang San noticed that, together with the deaths of the two ten year Hades wolves, there was a ring of white light, the light moved around, not thick at all, rather it seemed to disappear at any time.

“This is soul ring, they were killed by me, if my soul force met the requirement to advance, then I can absorb their soul ring to advance. Specifically, is to use your own soul force to lead the soul ring to your body and then immediately meditate to absorb the energy of the soul ring. ”

Purple light came out of Da Master and waved to one of the soul rings from the wolf, the soul ring flew over and surrounded Da Master’s body, but would not get in.

“I do not have enough soul force to advance, so I could not absorb the soul ring, within an hour, it would disappear automatically. Xiao San, give me two daikons. ”

“Oh,” Tang San touched his waist, and took two daikons from bridge in the moon light to give it to Da Master.

Da Master threw them to Luo Three Cannon, it oink excitedly and swallowed them both quickly.

“Mutant soul is not understandable by the theory about normal martial souls. Three Cannon can reduce the cost of my soul force by eating. It only has force to attack three times, after each attack he must be immediately supplied.  ”
“Does Three Cannon only eat daikons?” Tang San asked.

Da Master looked at him bitterly, said, “You have seen, its attack is to fart, if not wearing the mask, you probably could not endure the smell any more. Soul monsters cant survive that either, that is why those Hades wolves ran away so fast. Daikons is not surpassable in terms of producing fart. With two of them, Three Cannon’s attack would recover in half an hour. “

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