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Chapter Nine: Blue Silver Grass’s First Soul Ring (2)

March 29, 2012

This works? Tang San wanted to laugh, but looking at the bitterness in his teacher’s eyes, he did not dare to laugh. He could imagine how embarrassing it was to have a martial soul that used fart to attack. And Da Master was a proud person. He of course feel bad.

“OinkOinkOink”, Luo Three Cannon suddenly began to roar very hastily. Cold light replaced the bitterness in Da Master’s eyes. He took Tang San’s hand.

The surrounding began to be quiet, “shasha” sounds went into Tang San’s ears. It seemed to add some bloody smell to the air, it was not thick, even with some sweet and tea aroma.

Tang San’s nose moved a bit, and said unconsciously, “Poisonous things.”

Da Master waved his right hand quickly, this time he put both two soul rings on the body of Luo Three Cannon, looking towards the noise alertly, “Tonight was really not quiet at all.”

“ShaSha” stopped, Tang San used his Qi to make use of his purple monster eyes and looked that direction as well. He seemed to see an inkgreen triangular snake head in the middle of the bush, a pair of ruby like small eyes staring at them. Maybe because of those powders on the ground, it did not continue.

“Teacher, there. ” Tang San pointed towards where the snake head was. Now Da Master did not have time to think why Tang San could see places he could not. He took a fire stick out of his write soul container to throw over there.

The fire stick started to burn as soon as it caught wind, it lighted the whole region. This time, Da Master also saw the snake head as well. He took a cold breath, “It is Melinda Snake, how come this time of cruel animals appeared on the perimeter of the hunt soul forest, let us hope it is a ten year one.”

“Sisi, sisi”, it might be enraged by the fire, lifting its head higher, it turned towards Luo Three Cannon. But the strength of those powders was still there, so it did not move closer.

Da Master said with a low voice, “Melinda Snake is very strong in poison, not only it would numb you, it also destroys your nerves. It is one of the most horrible poison type soul monster. It is very firm, not normal sword or knife can hurt it, only shortcoming at mouth and eyes. But it always protected those two places very well, and really fast. Most fearful is that it likes to attack, it almost always attack when facing human. The powders might not be able to stop it for too long. It is waiting for opportunities. ”

Tang San was not scared of the introduction. Prelife in Sichuan, Tang Clan, where there were lots of different kinds of snake, although not Melinda snake, he was not fresh dealing with snakes. It can be told from how sharp it head was, and also from its thick neck, he knew that was not its fatal point. But he did not know how a monster with soul force would attack.

Da Master dragged Tang San to be behind him, “Tang San now let me teach you a theory, more ring more bones, one wave of skills, fewer rings fewer bones, run at once. The ring is soul ring, bone is soul bones. I will explain to you about soul bones in the future. That is to say, if your soul rings and soul bones are definitely more than your foes, then you should attack with full force using your soul skills and soul force, and defeat the enemy completely. If your soul rings and soul bones are apparently fewer, then, do not hesitate, just run. Conserve the life is the most important. Face is never as important as life. If this Melinda Snake is a ten year one, we can try to fight, hundred year, we will flee”

“Fart like thundering, shake the sky and split the earth, Luo Three Cannon,”, after telling Tang San those, Da Master ordered Luo Three Cannon to start attacking.

The yellow light was shining again, Luo Three Cannon crazily breathed in and bounce up, although it ate daikons, but the one attack it used on the Hades wolves had not recovered, now he could only attack once.

In the thunder like bombing, Luo Three Cannon’s super fart came out, although the Melinda snake was very fast, but Luo Three Cannon attacked in a region, it was not possible for it to ran away.

A giant snake was seen to be lifted up from the ground, and thrown away very far.

“Run fast” Da Master only glanced at the Melinda Snake once and then did not have any thought. The years of its practice is really to how big it is, before it became a thousand year soul monster, every year meant one centimeter for it. This snake was longer than three meters, even close to four. That is to say, it was nearly four hundred years. Da Master did not think he could fight against this with his twenty nine level soul force, especially, his martial soul was not strong.

“Gugu”, the sound came by. Tang San was dragged by Da Master to run forward, and he turned around to watch, the snake that was bombed away was not hurt at all, as soon as it touch the ground. It bent and bounced, and rushed forward. The whipped liked body of the snake behaved like a spring each time when it touched the ground. The speed was amazing, and it was close and close to Tang San and Da Master.

Luo Three Cannon was not slow at all, he followed immediately after Da Master and Tang San. its big eyes showed how afraid he was.

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