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Chapter Nine: Blue Silver Grass’s First Soul Ring(3)

April 7, 2012

Melinda snake rushed out of the yellow fog, but it was not put to sleep. It was one of the leading types of poisonous creatures. It could resist it much better than normal soul monster. Now it was only a bit slower than before.

Luo Three Cannon already released its “Three Cannon”, its body was so shrunk, it was not enough to feed it daikons any more.

Two soul rings came back to Da Master’s body, the light of the soul force blinked, and he increased his speed to the upper limit, took Tang San  in one hand, and leaped forward, with the hope to escape from Melinda snake.

Da Master was familiar with Melinda snake, this kind of cruel soul monster had a short coming, it was impatient, if it could not hunt the prey, it would easily give up.

But, the one they met today was very persistent, it might be enraged from the fart and the powders, following Da Master and Tang San, with speed too fast to be matched. And it was getting closer and closer.

“Three Cannon, go to stop it.” With Da Master’s order, Luo Three Cannon’s fat body turned around and moved towards Melinda snake, and tried to use its body to stop the snake moving forward.

However, not only this Melinda Snake was crazily fast, its reaction is also very swift, he moved a bit, and dodged away from the knocking from Luo Three Cannon, and at the same time, bit it.

“Oink, Oink”, Luo Three Cannon shrieked and its body falling on the ground. Da Master waved its hand, and it turned into a ray of purple light and went back to its body.

Da Master now felt nothing but miserable, a life’s experience coming and going back and forth in his brains. He really wanted to ask the god, why he was so unlucky this life, why, why, and even took a kid like Tang San to death with him.

At the time when Da Master was close to desperate, and even felt the cold from the fang of Melinda Snake, he felt Tang San moved a bit next him, when he turned around to see, he saw Tang San got something out of the soul container, Bridge in the Moon Light, and then threw back without turning.

A very thick daikon flew behind, and happened to knock onto Melinda snake’s body, stopping the snake which was close enough to attack, and putting some more distance between them.

Finding the location from the sound was something shallow in Tang Clan, Tang San of course knew how to do it. The things happened afterwards, shocked Da Master. Tang San used his left hand to get Daikon to throw behind, although it was not strong enough to hurt Melinda snake, but it always stopped it right before it caught them.

How accurate!

Da Master found, every time when Tang San threw the daikon, his left hand had thumbs inward, palms facing down, the other four fingers pointing forward together, simple and efficient. On the little face of the kid, there was afraid, but not scared.

If it was in Tang San’s last life, anybody can call out this gesture, it was the entrance level in Tang Clan’s assassin weapon, hand flicking arrow, it was a way to use the inertia of the flicking of the arm to use the assassin weapon. It was direct, although not beautiful, now was the most efficient.

Twenty pounds of daikon was not few, but Tang San was throwing them out very fast, a little bit of time later, the left overs in the soul container was used up.

Now it was the time to face death or life, Tang San knew what was the result to fight with a giant, good at strength, speed, poison snake, it was not the time to hide what he could do now.

He suddenly loosed Da Master’s hand, and turned around in the air, and lifted his hand, a black ray shook out without any sound, the sleeve arrows he made with so much effort first going for the enemy.

Tang San’s two eyes turned completely purple, with purple monster eyes, he could see clearly every single move of the Melinda snake.

The snake reacted faster than Tang San imagined, the sleeve arrow was going for the snake’s left eye, but it twisted in the air and nodded its head, and avoided the fatal part, but the sleeve arrow was too fast, and hit it on the body.

Ding, Melind snake’s scales sparkled with the collision between the sleeve arrow. The hurt made it shrieked again.

“What a pity”, Tang San thought, the sleeve arrow had no problem either with speed or force, but just not delicate, it could only attack enemy in the straight line, it was also the short comings shared with all pit typed assassin weapon. But, the defense of the snake also surprised him, he only had three of these arrows, but it was made from mother of the iron, the spring was great in the pit part of the weapon, but still did not really hurt this monster in front of them.

Now Melinda snake was really enraged, all scales brightened up, the dark green snake was covered with yellow light, the speed suddenly picked up, and it got in front of Tang San in a instant.

Tang San suddenly loosed the hand, Da Master moved forward for ten more meters already, it all happened in a blink, now it was too late for him to come back to save Tang San.

At the key time, Tang San was very calm. He used his Qi and his heart was as calm as water. He was not afraid at all with the Melinda snake’s giant mouth in front of him. He turned his right hand, the short sword Da Master gave him was in his palm .

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