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Chapter Nine: Blue Silver Grass’s First Soul Ring (4)

April 14, 2012

Either speed or strength, Melinda Snake was superior than Tang San now. Looking at the snake head coming, Tang San using his ghost steps, shaking a bit of his body, and moved horizontally three feet. Tang San knew, for himself, there was only one chance, if not successful, then Melinda Snake would never fall for the trap again.

At the key time, Tang San did not hesitate, he output all his Qi to his two hands, blue light in the palm, using the left hand to suck and deliver, changing the position of his body using the ghost steps again.

Melinda snake felt a sucking force coming from its head’s side, it could not help but turning, at this time, because it was attacking Tang San, with mouth open, ready to close.

A ray of blue light seemed to appear from nowhere, just waited there, at the instant Melinda snake turned back, right before it closed its mouth, .

The snake body that was almost four meter long suddenly got stiff, the short sword had already sunk into the snake mouth, the next instant, the snake body moved violently, the sand was lifted up, the stones were flying around, the place its firm body swept, no matter it was bush or little tree, all lost the leaves and flew apart like falling into a tornado.

After sticking with the pointed end, Tang San using ghost steps already quickly stepped back, and escaped from the snake tail’s sweep. It is known that bugs with hundred legs would die without becoming stiff, Tang San, who knew a lot about snakes definitely would not think Melinda snake would die immediately.

“Xiao San” Da Master yelled with anxious, and he knew, everything he had done was shown in front of Da Master. His soul did not belong to this world, but it can not be known by anybody, what can he do?

Kill Da Master to keep the secret? Tang San believed, with the help of the soundless sleeve arrows’ attack and specialty, he could do it with seventy percent chance. Luo Three Cannon did not have ability to attack any more. But how could he? Da Master was his teacher, only few days, but already earned his respect, there was nothing else, he had to lie.

Pretended to step on something, Tang San rolled on the floor.

Da Master used his hands to lifted Tang San up, he was after all level twenty night Da Soul Master, although with bad martial soul, there was soul force, “Xiao San, how do you feel?”

“Teacher, I was afraid to death, how come that snake did not catch up?”

Da Master stared at Melinda snake being destructive horribly, scolded, “why did you loose your hand just now, don’t you know how dangerous that is?”

Actually, Da Master did not see as much as Tang San thought, after all, it was deep in the night, and Da Master could not see well as Tang San with his purple monster eyes. In the dark, Da Master only saw Tang San stepped backwards, and the blue short sword’s light. He did not even hear the sound the sleeve arrow made on the snake.

“I dont know what was going on, I had sweat on my hand, and maybe I slipped, teacher, I just waved the sword you gave me randomly, I might hurt the snake. ”

He took Tang San’s hand, was full of sweat, Da Master could guess that Tang San hurt the Melinda snake, probably some fatal point, or else, why this cruel soul monster stopped attacking.

“Dont go there, let us wait, the snakes had a lot of life force, it would not die that easily ”

Tang San opened his mouth and breathed hard, it was not his performance, he was tired.

In front of hundred year Melinda snake, he used everything he had just now, if that control the crane, capture the dragon did not suck the snake head over, the result would be very different.

After this adventure, Tang San made the decision that after he went back, he would use everything he’s got to power himself up. Before he accomplished with Qi, all kinds of pit typed assassin weapon were best choices, and were also something he was good at.

The teacher and student stood far away and watched carefully, Melinda snake calmed down from its craziness, and twisted its body on the ground, and destroyed all the plants on the ground, the soil exposed.

Da Master gave Tang San a treasure sword, one foot and two inches was not long, but enough to stick into the snake’s brain, that was fatal.

Seeing that the snake became more and more feeble, Da Master took a deep breath, and then his expression changed, from afraid became sudden joy.”Good, this is very good, Tang San, your soul ring was found. ”

“Teacher, what are you talking about, you are not talking about this snake?” Tang San looked at Da Master surprised.

Da Master nodded seriously, “yes, that’s it. Melinda’s snake would grow one centimeter for every year before a thousand years, this one is almost four meters, which meants it has almost four hundred years. It is approaching the limit of the first soul ring for soul apprentice to become soul master. You will have no problem to absorb it with your born full soul force. ”

“But, teacher, my martial soul is a plant, but this snake is a monster, can I make it a soul ring? would not that be contradictory?” Tang San asked confusedly.

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