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Chapter Nine: Blue Silver Grass’s First Soul Ring (5)

April 25, 2012

At this time Da Master relaxed already, and eyes filled with confidence, “My research on the ten core competing forces theory in the martial soul world, is the theory of martial soul camouflage. Plant martial soul does not have to absorb plant soul monster’s soul ring. Monster martial soul does not have to avoid plant soul ring. With a lot of constraints, two of them can absorb each other. I have talked to you before, blue silver grass has a great advantage that it does not repel other martial souls. Because it is too weak itself, it would not resist any other appended properties, and would only merge into it. So absorbing this Melinda snake’s soul ring is not a problem. Remember? What kind of soul ring we are looking for?

Tang San’s eyes shone at those words, “Too make it stronger, preferable poisonous, you are right, Melinda snake has both these two properties. ”

Da Master looked at his student deeply, “Not only the normal soul master, or the guys from the martial soul church, all laughed at my theory, and nobody believed, and nobody before ever tried to absorb soul ring of a different kind to improve themselves. Xiao San, do you want to give it a try? Although I was very sure of this theoretically, but nobody ever tried. Practice is the only way to test the theory. My ten core competing forces theory is just theory but not truth, is because nobody wanted to test it. ”

From Da Master’s eyes, Tang San saw zealous, because the mutant of the martial soul, Da master would never become a strong soul master, but he was still so persistent, and devoted his life to research martial soul.

For such a person, Tang San respected from his hearts, respect this person, and respect his research result. “Teacher, let me be this person to test it, I believe you research is not wrong.”

Melinda snake stopped moving, its head being cut through by sharp knife, even if it was strong to live, it could not avoid the fact it was going to die.

Light yellow light spots began to gather above Melinda snake’s body, different from the ten year wolf soul ring before, the yellow soul ring was very clear, and brighter, even if not touching, it was still easy to feel the great amount of energy contained in it.

Heard what Tang San said, Da Master looked satisfied, “Xiao San, begin”

Tang San nodded, and lifted his right hand, fighting with the fact he was out of strength, and focused his left over soul force into his palm, with light blue light, the blue silver grass grew out of his palm, giving out the smell of life, and waving around.

Come, my first soul ring, you will determine if I can study Tang Clan’s secrets, and also determined if I can pass on my teacher’s hope.

Guided by the light blue light, the hundred year Melinda snake soul ring moved slowly towards Tang sSn.

Da Master stared at the floating soul ring, said, “Sit with your leg crossed, and focus on your martial soul.’

Tang San followed the advice and sat with leg crossed and focused his attention to the martial soul on his right hand, now, with the hundred year Melinda snake approaching, he felt a really strong pressure, so strong that all his bones began to make noise underneath this pressure.

Very fast, the yellow light ring moved on the head of Tang San, without giving him any time to react, the ring suddenly shrank and became bracelet sized, but very real gold ring and circled the blue silver grass martial soul.

Tang San immediately felt his right hand was like in the lava, a stream of hot energy got into his body, and felt all his organs burning, he could not help but shaking violently.

“No matter how the soul ring’s force attack your body, be sure that you keep your conscious, then in the future you can make use of the force of the soul ring. ”

This is the last words he heard from Da Master, before he fell into the scalping hot sea of energy.

His Qi seemed to be ignited by the sudden force, and hot stream transported to every single place in his body, Tang San felt he could breath fire if he opened his mouth.

What Badao force it is!

The soul ring force that was getting in suddenly washed Tang San’s whole body, but what surprised Tang San is that energy this hot did not destroy the blue silver grass.

In his conscious, Tang San seemed to see himself embedded in the fire sea, and in the middle of this fire, a lone blue silver grass waved with the fire, but no matter how violent the fire is, it would not destroy the grass.

Tang San was very happy, it seemed to be the status of seeing inside when you learned Qi, last life because he practiced his Qi too late, he never experienced this status, he could not believe it appeared during the time he absorbed the first soul ring.

With the fire burning, the blue silver grass began to change, the thin grass began to grow to be longer and wider, light blue became dark blue, the dark blue grass leaf expanded in the fire sea, and wandered around, it looked as if infinite Melinda snakes rushing around in the fire.

The dark blue grass leaf developed some black stripes, just like the stripes originally on the Melinda snake.

“Hong”, all the heat came out, Tang San felt the hot almost melted his body.

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