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Chapter 10: First Soul Ring Skill (1)

April 29, 2012

At the next moment, he heard a crispy broken sound, immediately after, the heat stream crazily spread out, and then merged together, together into a milky white air current. The small puddle became small river, and moved all over his body, the heat that hurt already disappear, only leaved comfort.

Success! Happiness reached him, Tang San was very familiar with that broken feeling, that was of course the feeling when his Qi’s first bottleneck being thrusted open. Qi and the force of the soul ring merged together, and became a much stronger force, within very short time, circling the meridians of the body for several round, and flowed to his belly.

Like he guessed, after coming to this world, his Qi was merged to the soul force in some way, the different level of his Qi corresponded to different title in the soul master.  Obtaining the first soul ring, he finally thrusted open the first bottleneck as well.

Of course, now his strength was not merely Qi reaching to the second level, now he had the soul force which Tang Clan did not have, and the skill brought by the first soul ring.

The comfort after absorbing the soul ring was not describable, it was like flowing in the cloud without feeling the force, like reaching the summit of happiness. All over the body, thirty-six thousand hair holes all open, and breathe the splendid air, and made Tang San’s body change.

Tang San tried his best to calm down. His advance in Qi with the soul ring told what he wanted for his life. He knew, no matter what, his life in this world would not be separated from martial soul any more. Soul force is Qi, Qi is soul force. He has to follow the road of becoming a soul master. Of course he is soul master belonging to the Tang Clan.

When Tang San slowly open two eyes, it was already morning, the life brought by the new day seemed to say hi to his body.

Tang San looked at himself and found, his body seemed also to be changed by the soul ring. He seemed to be growing taller a bit, and his shoulder wider, and the skin began to shine.

The lightness he felt full of force doing gestures was so comfortable. No need to try to experience on purpose, he knew that not only he got over the bottleneck in Qi, the hundred year Melinda snake’s soul ring helped his body a lot in all kinds of ways.

“Teacher”, waking up, Tang San first thought of Da Master, He was eager to tell Da Master, his mimicry theory was successful. The whole process of absorbing may be painful, but there was no feeling of objection.

When he saw Da Master, he was totally surprised.
Da Master lied down on the ground, body seemed to be stiff. He was not moving at all, all around Da Master and him, sulfur powder was all over the place, just like at the camp.

“Teacher, What is wrong?” Tang San was in a hurry, and went to the side of Da Master and held him up.

Looking at Da Master’s face, Tang San said, “poison.”

There was black gas around Da Master’s face, for the person, it was already most air going in rather than not, the body was hard, seemed to lose all the feelings.

“How was the teacher poisoned,” with the question, Tang San felt Da Master’s body different, and pulled up his right arm’s sleeve.

Da Master’s right arm was swollen to be three times as much, the skin became bright purple. There was a tight ribbon at the thigh, apparently first-aid Da Master applied to himself after realizing he was poisoned. Even with this, most of the poison not spreading, he was still falling unconscious, it can be seen how badao this poison is.

After another thought, Tang San realize why Da Master was poisoned. Before when they were chased by the snake, Da Master’s martial soul Luo Three Cannon was bitten by the Melinda snake, right at the right front leg, was then called back by Da Master. But monster martial soul used the same body with their master, even if Da Master’s monster martial soul was mutant. Martial soul poisoned, was like the master also poisoned, but Da Master was helping him to absorb the soul ring ,was not thinking for himself, after he was into the status of medication, Da master’s soul force was not enough to restrict the poison any more. So he was poisoned.

On the contrary, the tool martial soul had an advantage, the tool martial soul, even poisoned, would not affect the master.

“It is lucky that teacher stopped the poison from spreading, or else I do not know what to do either” Tang San touched the pule of Master’s left hand, and took a long breath, the poison was not at the heart, was enough to be saved.

Coming from Tang Clan, Tang San was of course familiar with dealing with poison. Now he did not care if fire would attract soul monster, he gathered some dry leaves from around and made a bonfire and ripped off the sleeve of Da Master’s clothes and use the short sword to dig a hole in the ground and gathered some clean water and washed the sword body.

The bonfire was gradually becoming huge, after roasting his sword for a while on the bonfire, he dragged Da Master’s body to the side of the puddle and put his right hand in the hold.

Taking a deep breath, Tang San turned his wrist, with three thrusts, at Da Master’s wrist, elbow and underarm.

Instantly, three purple black blood streams, with light tea aroma and full of bloody smell, flew into the little hole like three rivers.

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