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Chapter 10: First Soul Ring Skill (2)

April 30, 2012

Tang San pressed left hand in front of Da Master’s chest, and used his Qi, newly improved, to seal the four Meridians around Da Master’s chest, to prevent the poison to spread, and then use right hand to swirl around on Da Master’s chest, using Qi to make the blood moving again, and forced the poison together.

Tang San learned Tang Clan’s highest way of practicing Qi, itself was good to get rid of poison. It was strong, but more subtle, and went into Da Master’s body, for the goal not to leave anything behind.

Opening Da Master’s clothes, Tang San took a careful look at Da Master’s body’s surrounding black gas. Using Qi, all the black gas were moving towards Da Master’s right arm. Tang San still did not release the ribbon on Da Master’s arm. The poisonous blood flew out, Da Master’s arm shrinking, the color of skin normal. Da Master looked miserable, and started to groan.

As the purple black blood flew to an end, and red blood began to come out, Da Master’s arm became pale. Only then Tang San opened the ribbon on his arm, and used Qi to get rid of all the poison and sealed the blood vessel and ripped some cloth of his own clothes to bind the wound.

He was not in a hurry to open the ribbon before since he thought Da Master had been poisoned for a while, he might lose too much blood that way.

After that, Tang San was all in sweat, although he improved to a second level of Qi, but still not strong enough, but using Qi to get rid of the poison cost Qi. Thus the strength he felt from the soul ring also seemed week now.

Tang San used clean water to wash Da Master’s arm, and covered the hole full of poisonous blood and finished all the work.

After that, Da Master was still in coma for another three days, with fever. Tang San everybody managed to feed him some water, for the nutrition, he carved some bark from the tree to make a pot and made some soup from the dry meat they brought.  It was hunt soul forest here, Tang San did not dare to leave Da Master.

Luckily, they were pretty lucky, although sometimes there were soul monster passing by, but most were ten year ones, and were not aggressive, did not make too much trouble.

“What happened to me?” When Da Master woke up, it was already noon of the fourth day.

His weak body had no strength, Da master found his vision blurry, and the sky and ground were turning, he could not find the direction, it cost strength to even lift his hands.

“Teacher, you are awake” Da Master moved close to Da Master, and supported him with some Qi into his body.

With the help of the Qi, Da Master became stronger, and finally found the focus in his eyes.
“Xiao San, am I still alive?” Da Master stared at Tang San with surprise.

Tang San nodded, “Teacher, you are alive, very much, but this time you will have to rest for a while. ”

Da Master turned his head with effort, and took a look at his right arm, “You saved me, did not you?”

Tang San scratched his head, “When I was little, father taught me some simple ways of dealing with poison wound, by then I saw you in a coma, i had to try, there would be chance if I tried, treated a dead horse as an alive one. ”

“No respect, who said his teacher was horce”, Da Master tried to smile, with his stiff face and the paleness, his smile was uglier than a cry.

Alive, was always good, even if the proud Da Master who used his full life to martial soul study.

Tang San laughed, “Teacher, you rest a bit, I will go to get some meat soup. Now that you are awake, after another few hours you can eat, then we can leave this forest fast. The environment is bad, air is wet, not good for your wound to recover. ”

Da Master seemed to remembered something, “Xiao San, did you succeed?”, for him, the theory of his might be more important than the life.

Tang San smiled, “teacher, no worries I did succeed, look!”

As he was talking, Tang San raised his right hand, white light came on top of the skin, then dark blue blue silver grass came out of the palm, clear yellow light ring came up from his feet and swirling up and down of his body. It is the characteristic of the one-ring soul master.

The silver grass before, the width smaller than half a finger, now the width became three fingers, the leaf was much thicker, and had special stripes. dozens of blue silver grass spread out to different directions. The tip of the grass was lifted, like several Melinda snakes looking for food.

Blue silver grass did not have the snake’s fish smell, just light tea aroma, but danger in the good smell.

Da Master looked very excited, “How strong is it?”

The real thing is seen. Tan San answered Da Master by demonstrating. A dozen blue silver grass leaving his palm, one of the jumped up and wrapping around a small tree of arm size, the other side in Tang San’s hand. He used right hand to drag behind, The tree’s trunk was bent, the blue silver grass was very stretched.

“Great, so wonderful. It seemed I was right, Blue silver grass became stronger after Melinda snake’s soul ring. If I did not guess wrong, it would also had some poison from the snake. What was your first soul skill then?”

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