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Chapter 10: First Soul Ring Skill (3)

May 9, 2012

After the martial soul absorbs a soul ring, the skill will only appear after a mutant process. Different martial soul with same soul ring will generate different skills, vice versa, even if the years of the soul ring is different, the skill can be very different.

So, although Da Master studied martial soul very deeply, he was not sure what Tang San’s first soul ring’s effect.

Tang San said, “Teacher, these days I used some weak ten year soul monster tested, you are right, the blue silver grass inherited some poisonous from the Melinda snake, but not fatal attacking poison, just the numb poison. It needs to be in contact to be in effect, and the poison is not very strong, but the limit effect is very apparent. And the blue silver grass’s skill is entangle, entangling the body of the enemy and make it not be able to move”

As he is saying, Tang San controlled his blue silver grass to use his skill.

more than ten dark blue grass leaves jumped out from the grass field and entangled on a thick trunk, the leaves sprung out in a ten square meter region. As long as it is in this region, there is no way to avoid this.

Instantly, the ten blue silver grass already entangled the tree firmly.

Da Master looked very thoughtful, “Right, the property of control type soul master. If there would be an attacker to cooperate with you, your martial soul’s usage will be even more apparent. So called control type soul master, is to control the enemy’s movement, to limit the opponent as much as possible, and the entanglement is doing that. It also has numbing effect, unless the enemy has two more soul rings than you, he is going to have a hard time to get rid of this skill. Xiao San, we are successful.”

Once mentioned martial soul, Da master does not look like somebody who was injured at all, his eyes shone and sounded very excited.

The entangle skill of the blue silver grass has the biggest advantage of being sudden. Tang San tried, within fifty meters, he could control the blue silver grass to attack from any where, can not defend against it, especially in the forest with lots of plants. Blue silver grass was more covered.

Tang San boiled another pot of meat soup and feed Da Master some of the meat.

With food in the belly, Da Master recovered faster, but they had to leave the forest, since the food and water they brought were already done.
Under the condition Tang San was trying the best not to waste.

Da Master did not have the ability to move, so Tang San carried him. Because they were different height, Da Master’s legs were on the ground, using the strength and Qi, Tang San piggy backed Da Master out of the forest and took a carriage to go back to the school

On the road, either when Tang San was taking care of Da Master, or carrying him out, he did not say thank you, but the way he looked at Tang San was not the way he looked at a student who would fulfill his dream, but more like the feeling that should show up in Tang Hao’s eyes.

One day as a teacher, all life as father. This saying means more in Da Master’s heart.

When they returned to the school, Da Master could almost walk with Tang San’s help. But it would still take over a month for him to fully recover.

Da Master was only a guest at the school, good with the president, but no relatives, the rest of the time, of course Tang San would take care of him. He was sure about that and thought about how to on the way back.

At the time when the students were in the class, everything was quiet, Tang San supported Da Master back to his own room to lie him down.

“Finally back, you can rest better. You should take a good rest, do not get busy, if you have anything, I can do it. ”

Da Master nodded, “I cant think that we can run away from death this time, it is not a big deal how I recover, but you can not stop practicing, at the same time, you should go to do one thing, Xiao San, take the second book from left on the third row to me”

“Ok” Tang San followed Da Master and took a very heavy book, surprisingly, there is no name on it.

Da Master did not take the book, said, “This book recorded my research on practicing soul force, although soul force was through medication, but there are many tricks, which route is easier to improve, which martial soul wants which environment, it is all there. This time I can not teach you, but you cant be slacky.”

“Yes” Tang San answer, although he did not open the book, he was already shocked.

After this experience with soul ring, he understood martial soul from more aspects. According to his understanding, soul force is just Qi, but a lot of people were just cycling them without rules.

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