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Chapter 10: First Soul Ring Skill (4)

May 13, 2012

Tang San has the practice way of Qi, of course will be faster than most soul masters in the future. According to Da Master, the method to practice he researcher, should be something close to the way of Qi. To research to this extent, how much effort Da Master put in? The way Tang San learned was the experience of Tang Clan many elders, but Da Master is just one person.

“Otherwise,  you go to the martial soul church of Notting City, just ask randomly on the road, you will find where the church is , it is around the center of the city, go there and get certified to be a soul master, first get a test on how much soul force you have, and then officially registered at martial soul church, and then you can get money from them every month, and you do not have to be this king sponsored student any more.

Tang San put Da Master’s book in his soul container carefully. It is not sure what the belt was made of, but it was very elastic, when it was smallest, it fit Tang San, the six year old little one as well. But when it is extended, giants with waist more than four feet can wear it as well.

Now, Tang San wore the uniform of the school, with the belt, he looked different from the kid getting to the school. So called person depends on the clothes, he was not handsome, but look clean, and feel comfortable.

“Teacher, you should go to sleep now, I am leaving, I will take some food for you at noon. ”

Coming back from Da Master’s room, Tang San heard the bell for the class to be over ring. The class did not last long at the school, after the class was over at noon, it would be another half an hour before the dining hall was open.

Since it was class over, Tang San decided to go back tot the dorm and say hi to his roommates and told them he came back before going out.

But, when he was back to the dorm, and found surprisingly that the whole dorm was empty, nobody was there, his bedding still looked the same as when he left, together with Little Dancer’s, with bags in the middle of the bed.

Nobody came back after the class? Tang San was confused, he turned around and went back to the playground.

Several students was walking towards the dorm from the opposite teaching building, while Tang San was ready to go to the church to get certified. He heard the older students seemed to mention the king sponsored students.

He focused and tried to hear what they were talking about using Qi.

“Those king sponsored students really do not know what they worth and challenged Boss Xiao from the sixth grade, I believed we would not see these guys tomorrow any more ”

“It was not like that, they had something to challenge Boss Xiao, it was said a first grade girl came as king sponsored students, very good. All those students called her Big sister Little Dancer, this time was because of her. This time the bet was huge, if Boss Xiao won, all the king sponsored students will become his pets, if king sponsored students won, then Big sister Little Dancer became everybody’s Big Sister. ”

“They must be looking for death, a first year girl, however strong, can be strong to which extend. Boss Xiao was not even reachable by a lot of six grade students, it seemed, Boss Xiao would get another bunch of followers.”

Heard what they said, Tang San felt his heart was grasped, although not being together with Little Dancer for long, he understood her temper. This pink and fresh girl was not mild like she looked at all. Plus what Wang Sheng said before that these poor students was always beaten up. He knew these people were telling the truth.

Tang San was one of these poor students, of course he would not sit and see his roommates beaten up.

“Two academic brothers, please tell me where are Boss Xiao and those king sponsored students?”

They were shocked for once, the one on the left said, “What for? Little brother like you also wanted to go? Boss Xiao have enough people to use, you looked like a first or second grade, I advised you not to go, it was not good if you were hurt by mistake. ”

From Tang San’s clean clothes and the fancy belt, they of course could not guess he was one of the poor students.

“I just wanted to look from afar” Of course Tang San would not say he belonged to the other party.

“They should be dueling in the forest behind the school in the hill.”

With that information, Tang San began to run towards the back of the school.

The hill behind the school was actually not in the school, but it was a little hill outside the school. After leaving the school, Tang San found nobody around him, so he immediately used ghost shadow way to run up the hill.

The forest was quiet, but not representing quiet at all, but smelled war.

All king sponsored students were standing behind Little Dancer except Tang San, to the opposite of them, was a team made of twenty something high grade students.

The first one, wearing the uniform, look big, although still a kid on the face, but closer to an adult. It seemed, he was at least half taller than Little Dancer, sort of handsome, but the despise on his face broke the harmony.

“Little girl, it is still early for you to regret, of course I am ok to have one more pet bunny. your martial soul is a bunny, right?”

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