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Chapter 10: First Soul Ring Skill (5)

May 19, 2012

Little Dancer did not look afraid at all, also look disdaining, but her expression with her pinky face look just a bit cute, she pointed to her opponent, “Bully Xiao, you are afraid? if you are afraid, be my little brother in the future. ”

“Haha” Bully Xiao laughed, “I am afraid? I say, Wang Sheng, you poor students had water in your brains or what, send such a little girl to challenge me, little girl, have you heard of who I am, in this Notting City, nobody is going to stop me even if I walk sideways, not to mention in this school ”

Little Dancer is impatient, “Stop blahblahing, begin, you say, how to fight?”

Bully Xiao rolled his eyes, and looked bad, “Be relaxed, I would not take advantage of you, you have ten people here, then we will only call ten people out. We come out in turns, as long as the person who comes out win, he can fight with the next opponent, until one side are all beaten. ”

To become the students’ bully, this Xiao is not some brute, on the contrast, he is smart, although from the face, Little Dancer does not look a threat.But bully Xiao beat up Wang Sheng not just one or two days, he was familiar with Wang Sheng’s character. If this girl did not know much, how could Wang Sheng agree with her to be the representative of the poor students.

If this girl is strong, so what? On my side they are all high grade students, none of them is weak, on the poor students’ side, just one Wang Sheng is ok, plus this girl, just two people, let my little ones to slow roll them to death, not until himself go up, he will win. The duel that seems to be fair, is it really?

Wang Sheng of course see through Bully Xiao, but before he said anything, Little Dancer said quickly, “Ok, good plan, come on, who is the first of you, come out.”

At this time, Wang Sheng does not enough time to stop little Dancer.

Xiao Bully pointed to his minions, one big guy walked out.

Wang Sheng bit his teeth, “Little Dancer Big Sister, let me do this”. Of course he knew this guy, he was same class with him, Wang Sheng has fought with him several times, each time miserably defeated. His marital soul is a stick, but not a simple one.

Little Dancer looked a Big Sister, nodded, and allowed Wang Sheng.

Wang Sheng took a deep breath, and walked in front of his opponent, “Willow Long, come on”

Yellow light appeared in Willow Long’s hand, a stick as long as two meters appeared in his hand, “Loser, Wang Sheng, this time if I do not beat you to lie in bed for several days, My family name is not Willow.”

Before Wang Sheng said anything, Little Dancer said it first, “then if you lose, you are withered willow.”

Willow Long looked cold in the face, not answering, stepped ahead, and use the long stick beat down on Wang Sheng.

Soul force’s light also appeared on Wang Sheng, roar like a tiger, without avoiding, crossing the two arms and meet the stick.

Peng, Wang Sheng made a hurt sound, stepped back two steps, the two arms turned and reached for the long stick, also protected by the soul force, just that touch, a deep mark formed on his arms.

Willow Long curled his lips, “You dont remember or what, this is martial soul”

The light blinked, the head of the long stick in Wang Sheng’s hands disappeared, and the long stick reached forward, got passed the arms, and knocked on the chest, Wang Sheng flew out.

Wang Sheng had the heart to fight and also the strength, but he did not have soul ring yet, so he could not append his martial soul to his own body. With soul force’s help, although he is stronger, but not agile. Matching up with the opponent using long stick, his opponent used the fact that one inch longer one inch stronger, he did not have chance to fight back.

he bounced up, and roared like a tiger again, but very fast, his body flew out taken out by the stick.

But Wang Sheng had tough skin and meat, also beaten up a lot every day, he was good at being beaten. Although not in advantage at all, but his opponent still had a hard time to make him lose the ability to fight. Before Little Dance and Tang San came to Notting School, all the poor students were under his protection. If he was good for nothing, he would be bullied to death.

“Wang Sheng is too impetuous, fighting up front, he could not get close, but only getting close, he got the chance to win”

While Little Dancer frowned while watching, a low sound appeared in her ears, while she tilted her head to see, she looked surprised and happy in her beautiful big eyes, “Xiao San, you are back.”

Of course it was Tang San who came to Little Dancer’s side. After flipping over the back hill of the school, he saw what happened over here, he did not say anything, just came to Little Dancer silently, he was not tall at all. The people on the side of Xiao Bully did not notice him at all.

Tang San looked at Little Dancer, seemed want to say something, but held it back.

Little Dancer saw him try to say and stop, “What, want to say me impetuous again?”

Tang San shook his head, “Us poor students should not always be bullied, this is a good method to duel with the biggest bully. You are right. But you should wait until me to come back to challenge them, then you have a better chance. “

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