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Chapter 11: Little Dancer, you are really a Bunny! (1)

May 21, 2012

Little Dancer stared at Tang San, and thought of the miserable look she had when she was beaten by stones, she became angry, “wait what wait, who knows when you are coming back, they bully all the way to home, that turtle’s egg Xiao Bully said I should be his pet bunny, if I can still take that, I am not Little Dancer any more. ”

Tang San frowned a bit, and thought, that kid was not even a teenager and had bad though like that, it seemed he should really gave them a lesson and let them know that the poor students can not be bullied easily.

Think of that, he touched the belt with his finger and looked towards the battle field.

At this point, Wang Sheng was all black and purple, in the roaring sound of the tiger, his soul force became weaker and weaker. His opponent was not hit even once, looked like cat who was playing with the rat.

The way Wang Sheng attacked was still too simple. Before his soul force was used up, he attacked last time, ran a few steps, and knocked onto Willow Long, this time he was determined, no matter how miserable he would be beaten, he would leave some mark on his opponent.

Willow Long and Wang Sheng fought not just one or two days, of course could not see his intention, seeing him leaping towards him, he looked more serious, waved his long stick, three times in a row hitting on Wang Sheng’s head and two shoulders, as soon as he forced Wang Sheng to back up this time, he would not be able to attack decently another time any more.

But just at that time, suddenly, Willow Long felt his two hands holding the stick was stung by a mosquito, his attacks was delayed.

His attack was calculated before, this time delayed, the flaw was seen, the first stick was on Wang Sheng’s head, but Wang Sheng did not care and still rushed to him, the other two sticks was on nowhere.

It was doomsday to let a monster soul master to get close to the body for a tool soul master with long weapon. Even if Willow Long was stronger than Wang Sheng , that would still be the case.

Peng, Wang Sheng’s tiger claw pat on Willow Long’s head, and made his whole body fly, then whipped using the right leg on his back, and knocked him on to the ground.

Willow Long could not endure that much of beating like Wang Sheng, all his soul force was on the stick, was weak on defense. Wang Sheng’s two attacks used all his force, so when Willow Long knocked onto the ground, he lost conscious immediately.

Wang Sheng was excited and roared towards the sky and seemed to get out all the resentment out of his chest.

Xiao Bully was watching with comfort at Willow Long playing with Wang Sheng, the sudden change on the stage gave him a big surprise.

It is known that Willow Long was top three in his team, if he already had his first soul ring, he would not be sure he could win over Willow Long.

Little Dancer laughed, “Withered willow is indeed withered willow, could not be hit even once, what do you say, Xiao Bully. ”

Xiao Bully shook his hand, and got his minions to carry Willow Long down to cure, they were merely beginner soul master school’s students, with that much soul force, would not cost a life.

“We lost the first round, Ling Feng, your turn. ”

The second Xiao Bully got out was a skinny and small higher grade student, small nose, small eyes, he was so skinny that it can not be told that he was twelve, more like same age with Little Dancer and Tang San.

“Call Wang Sheng back, I will go.” Tang San whispered at the Little Dancer’s ears.

Little Dancer was also good at watching, she of course also saw that this second one was a swift type soul apprentice, just good against Wang Sheng. Wang Sheng also used a lot soul force, he was sure to lose.

“Wang Sheng, you came back, this time for Xiao San, you can rest. ”

Wang Sheng was not yet recovered from the excitement he won Wilow Long. Now that he heard Little Dancer and found Tang San was back. He knew his own condition, although he won, but he definitely did not have more force to fight again. Of course he would not know,  if it not for Tang San’s three little stones that constrained Wilow Long’s attack, he would not win that one either.

Ling Feng looked at Tang San and had doubt in his eyes, “You are also one of them ?”

Tang San nodded, “please, attack. ”

Ling Feng was small, but still taller than first grade Tang San, this is related to who would become the boss for the whole school, he put his thought about whether Tang San was poor or not away, and jumped high, and flipped, opened his arms. He glided two meters and threw himself to Tang San from above.

Monster martial soul, with one glance, Tang San was able to tell what his opponent’s martial soul. Da Master’s teaching was not wasted, This Ling Feng was a swift fighter, his monster martial soul was something that flies, from his not so strong outside and the way he attacked, it should be eagle or swallows, crows

Waching his opponent rushing to himself, Tang San did not move at all, it seemed the other one did not exist.

Ling Feng is faster than anybody else for a sixth grader, and best friend for Xiao Bully, very agile, right before he was in front of Tang San, suddenly, he turned his body again, flapped his arms, and changed the direction and came to the back of Tang San and waved both arms, and hit on Tang San’s neck.

Until Ling Feng flipped on top of his head, Tang San did not move. Facing an unknown opponent, no change against thousands of changes, is the best choice.

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