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Chapter 11: Little Dancer, you are really a Bunny! (2)

May 22, 2012

If it is before he obtained the first soul ring, maybe he would not be so careless, but after getting the first soul ring, his speed, strength, reaction, skills in all ways have a quality change, Tang Clan people are good at feelings and reactions, speed is also one of the advantages, to compete the speed, who would he be afraid of ?

Ling Feng changed the movement in the sky, is for the suddenness, seeing Tang San at most a second grader, he still looked down upon him. So he wanted to win with only one attack and force Little Dancer to fight.

But, when he used his two hands to cut down, focusing on Tang San’s neck, Tang San moved.

A phoenix nodding head, he dodged from Ling Feng’s two hands, he bent his upper half body, Tang San’s right leg swung back like broken, through the whole process, he did not turn back to look.

Quiet as a maiden, move like a bunny. Tang San applied this perfectly. The speed he burst out confused almost everybody in the audience.

Tang San’s heel contacted to Ling Feng’s chin intimately. Ling Feng flipped three times in the air, successively, backwards.

Peng, he was thrown to be several meters away, and followed Willow Long’s example, he lost conscious immediately. His chin was kicked and dislocated. This is when Tang San did not use his Qi, or else this kick could grind his chin.

Bending back and flicking one leg, it was a simple leg usage in martial art, together with Tang San’s sensitive feelings, achieve the affect to k.o. the opponent instantly.

All the high graders in Xiao Bully’s team all opened their eyes widely. They could not believe the fact in front of their eyes.

Ling Feng in their team, was only weaker than Xiao Bully, but facing that first or second grader, was hit once and lost, did not even use his best attack.

Xiao Bully murmured, “Mother’s, it is going to change or what, how come all the little ones are this powerful ”

Until heard the sound Ling Feng fell on the ground, Tang San took his right leg back and said indifferently. “Next”

Xiao Bully was surprised, Little Dancer was only surprised. It was more than once she and Tang San fought, now watched him and found he advanced a lot. And he also found Tang San in the fighting status is very different from him in the usual days. Tang San in the usual days, looked only a mild child, but in the fighting stance, he attacked very furiously.

Wang Sheng did not care for his own hurts, as soon as he saw Ling Feng fly away in one kick, laughed gloatingly, “What do you say, Xiao Bully, Tang San did not even use soul force, I say you should agree that you lose, so your body  would not suffer”

Xiao Bully walked out, his face looked gloomy. Losing two rounds, he had to get out, he knew nobody else was better than Ling Feng, if he could not get back the faith of his teammates, they did not have to finish the duel. Only beating the little one in front of him fast and then defeated Little Dancer, he could save some face.

Xiao Bully looked at Tang San cold. Now he looked very seriously instead of scornful.

“Xiao Chenyu, six grader, martial soul, wolf, level eleven eleven one ring fighting soul master.”

To call out his own martial soul and level, is a way to show respect to the opponent.

with the words, a layer of black light comes out of Xiao Chenyu’s body, within the light, his muscles start to swell, and his two eyes became light green, his arms lifted up, claws in front, the fingers become sharp. a yellow soul ring started from the feet, just like the martial soul attached to the body.

Xiao Chenyu as the boss in the school was smart now. All people but a few knew what his martial soul was, but nobody knew about Tang San. For him, Tang San’s martial soul was a myth, calling out his own martial soul is to know what Tang San’s is. So he could prepare somewhat.

Tang San heard about the rule from Da Master, unless he wanted the opponent became life long opponent, he should call out his own martial soul to respond, to show respect and fight to learn .

“Tang San, first grade king sponsored student, martial soul, blue silver grass, level eleven one ring tool soul master. ”

When Tang San said his martial soul is blue silver grass, everybody in Xiao Chenyu’s team laughed, and the nervousness on their face disappeared and they did not hear the level even.

Blue silver grass was a wasted martial soul, known to all world, even if he was strong, the difference in the marital soul made them not to be nervous for their boss.

“You just said, how much level you are at? ” Xiao Chenyu was not as careless as his minions, because he did not hear Tang San’s level.

“level eleven, first ring tool soul master, ” with saying, white light came up around Tang San’s body, and raised his right hands, blue silver grass came out of his palm, and with his hand waving out, blue silver grass flowing around his feet. a circle of bright yellow soul ring arose from his feet and flew up and down around his body.

Yellow soul ring’s appearance seemed to slam the high graders’ face, the laugh was frozen, some even still have their mouth wide open, looking at Tang San as if they were looking at a monster.

“Hundred year soul ring” Xiao Chenyu breathed in a mouthful of cold air.


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