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Chapter 11: Little Dancer, you are really a Bunny! (3)

May 31, 2012

White, means ten year soul ring, yellow means hundred year soul ring, one level difference in soul ring, when the soul force is the same, the effect is deterministic.

This, how is this possible? The soul ring on Tang San changed the idea these students have about soul ring. Grade one, means six or seven year old, first grade and already a soul master, it is the first in the history in this elementary school, especially his martial soul is the wasted martial soul : blue silver grass.

“Boss, destroy him, just a blue silver grass, even if he has a better soul ring, so what?” One high grader said.

“Stupid, shut up, ” Xiao Chenyu yelled loudly, and cut his minion’s words.

Just a blue silver grass? What Xiao Chenyu has thought was definitely not that simple. Blue silver grass is wasted martial soul, of course, but the blue silver grass at the level of soul master would be different, especially with a hundred year soul ring. That could not be obtained by himself, if someone can help him to get a hundred year soul ring and helped him to achieve soul master, what would be behind this first grader?

Xiao Chenyu’s father is the owner of the Notting City, or else he would not be so badao in the school, the teachers seldom scolded him for anything. Seeing his father behaves in the office environment, he was also contaminated. So the first he thought was what was behind Tang San. His father had told him many many times, in this world, some big families should never be offended, they were even more horrible than the royal family. The royal family would think for their face, but these families did not, If they were enraged, they would bring wrath to you.

“Are you sure you are king sponsored student?” Xiao Chenyu had to ask.

Tang San nodded, after using the soul ring, the strength all over him made him excited, he needed to find an opponent to fight, and saw how his strength changed after the soul ring. “Start”

Now it is already the case that the arrow is on the bow, and has to be released, Xiao Chenyu told himself, even if he won, he would not hurt him.

If Ling Feng’s attack is swift, then Xiao Chenyu’s attack is explosive. After a soul ring, his strength is much bigger than Wang Sheng, even if Wang Sheng’s martial soul is tiger, the king of monsters, he would be still weaker than Xiao Chenyu.

Facing Xiao Chenyu’s attack, Tang San looked more serious, a soul ring v.s. none, it was two different concept. His body was just in the way, the soul force around the body already circled three square meters around Tang San. This was just attack based with force, no skill, just hard on hard.

hard on hard? Come on, baby. Although strength was not Tang Clan’s advantage, Tang San wanted to know how much Qi he had. He focused his Qi on his palms and pushed forward in front of his chest, meeting Xiao Chenyu’s wolf claws.

Xiao Chenyu’s minions already started to smile, hundred soul ring, so what, this moron used his hands to knock into Xiao Bully’s wolf claws, that was the way to look for death, They had seen how Xiao Chenyu squeezed stone after the martial soul append to himself using those claws.

Xiao Chenyu’s hands were bigger than Tang San by a lot, he was actually thinking, if he should use his claws, he believed he could powder Tang San’s hands, then he would win, but if he did that, what about the people behind him?

Attack was fast, not before Xiao Chenyu thought through, his two claws knocked into Tang San’s two palms.

Peng, black and white light shone, the air flow from the crushing almost made several audience fall over.

Tang San’s feet were still on the ground, not moved, Xiao Chenyu’s upper body moved, and almost stepped back, almost unconscious, he used his wolf claws to squeeze Tang San’s hands, lost in soul force made him angry, and he forgot what he planned to do.

But, something made him more surprise happened.

When his wolf claws squeezed Tang San’s two hands, he felt that Tang San’s two hands were like iron, no matter how much he tried, he could not squeeze in, and then, Tang San separated his hands, and escaped from the claws, and caught his waists, and would not allow him to step back. Two hands taking him backward, and then he moved his body forward, and knocked his right shoulder on Xiao Chenyu’s belly.

Xiao Chenyu’s body just flew out after the knock, three meters.

Xiao Chenyu’s minions were just ready to yell good, and then saw their boss thrown out. This time, they looked at Tang San different, was he human?

The color of jade disappeared from his hands, he already tested his Qi should be more than his opponent’s level eleven soul force, Tang San said, “I am busy, I am not going to play with you any more. Let us end this, Blue silver grass, entangle. ”

Xiao Chenyu just sprang up from the ground, Tang San did not use the full force to knock, and after his monster martial soul appended, he was good at defense, he was not hurt, and just heard what Tang San said.

More than ten thick blue silver grass came out underneath his feet and circled up, before Xiao Chenyu reacted, they already wrapped up his two legs.

“What is this?” Xiao Chenyu was surprised. He tried his best to struggle, but the blue grass was very firm, no matter what he did, he could not get away.

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