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Chapter 11: Little Dancer, you are really a Bunny! (4)

July 31, 2012

Tang San walked in front of Xiao Chenyu, step by step, “You dont have to try any more, there is no chance you can escape. My first soul ring is from the Marinda snake, so my blue silver grass has the strength of the snake, also with a little bit of the poisonous, if you think you can still fight. I do not mind you tasting a bit of its poison. by the way, I dont know how to get rid of the poison. ”

Another bunch of blue silver grass came out from the back of Tang San, the leaves floating behind him, like several snakes waiting to bite.

Fear occurs on this high grade students. A score of Xiao’s minions step backward non- controlably.

Even if they never saw Merinda snake, they have heard of it, who wants to deal with that?

“Dont release the snake poison, i lost” also Xiao is the boss of those students, but he was only twelve year old, also would have fear of a child.

In fact, although Tang San’s blue silver grass had poison, but only the first soul ring, and did not absorb a strong snake, so the poison it contained was only numbness, not the fatal one. But Why would Xiao Chenyu use his own body to test?

Blue silver grass disappeared from underneath Xiao Chenyu, Tang San smiled, “Now that you lost, then, do as you agreed with Little Dancer”

Xiao Chenyu stared at Tang San, “So shall I call you boss or her?” He could not believe Little Dancer can be stronger than Tang San, six year old soul master, already exceeded his knowledge.

Tang San smiled, “Of course Little Dancer, I cant beat her, or else I would be the Leader of Seven Dorm, not her”

“Ah? ” Xiao Chenyu opened his mouth like the letter O, and thought, you were already really strong, She is even stronger than you, are you guys really six?

Little Dancer walked behind Tang San and patted his shoulder, “Xiao San did well.”

Tang San laughed, said, “Teacher asked me do something, you can deal with the rest of the things, from now on you are the boss of the whole school”

Little Dancer knocked her fist on Tang San’s shoulder, “Ok, you can go”

Then, she turned towards Xiao Chenyu, “So what? Ok, let me introduce myself, I am Little Dancer, Grade one, Martial Soul, Bunny, level twelve one soul ring fight soul master.”

Now even Tang San was shocked, he just learned that Little Dancer is also a soul master and also one level higher than him, but she was of similar age, does that mean she was also born with full force?

Little Dancer shone red light, and underneath the red right, her eyes turned red, and her ears became longer, and soft hair grows from the side of the head, seemed to be taller, and soul force waved around her, the soul ring rose from her feet was the same as Tang San’s also yellow hundred year soul ring.

Xiao Chenyu pat his own head, to make sure it is not a dream, “Little Dancer, I agree, from now on, you are the bossess of the whole school, all come over and meet her”

A soul master at level eleven with blue silver grass is that strong, this is a fight soul master with level twelve, Xiao Chenyu knew he would lose without fight.

Little Dancer looked at all the high graders bowed in front of her with pride and glanced at Tang San who stood there in shock, “Did not you have things to do, why not going? only allow yourself born with full force, I cant?”

Tang San woke up from his thoughts and looked at Little Dancer and touched her soft long ears, and nodded, “Little Dancer, you are really a bunny.”

“You”, Bunny is most sensitive at ears, as martial soul, the effect also shows up on Little Dancer, her face turned red on the cheek and raised her hand to hit, but Tang San ran away like flying.

Tang San ran out of the school and felt good. Although he was still worried with his teacher got poisoned, other things are better than thought. He can continue practice Qi now and he also got the skill of blue silver grass wrapping and became better. Tang San believed, as long as he practiced, his Qi would advance faster, in another ten years, he would be in level five, and then he could use most of the assassin weapons in the treasure book .

Teacher said there were lots of Clans of martial soul, so why would not he make another Tang Clan in this other world.

On the land of warlock, no matter which country, each city would have the martial soul church as its characteristic architecture. Tang San just asked a random person and found where it was.

He already lost some time from the fighting, and he needed to get lunch for teacher, so he ran towards the building.

“Stop. kid, this is martial soul church, you cant get in” and he was stopped by the guard.

The building of Notting City was a large arched building. just the front has width hundred meters, height twenty meters ,and three levels.

The building is brown, and the signal on the gate is just a long sword, with the explanation of Da Master, Tang San knew, that with only one signal, means the church here was the lowest level one.

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