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Chapter 12: Chaotic Wind, Way of Hammer(1)

August 2, 2012

The two guards at the gate are both around twenty, there is not much soul force on their body, it seems they are not even soul master. Notting City is so remote, that from the level of the martial soul church it can be seen it is not important in the kingdom.

“Uncle, good day, I am first year student in elementary soul master school in the city, Teacher ask me to test my martial soul level”. Tang San pointed to his school uniform and said to the guard.

Seeing the signal on his school uniform, the two guards looked at it with envy. The guard said, “ok, then you can go in. Go to find Ma Xiunuo Da soul master at the reception and he will help you”

“Thanks”, Tang San answered and walked in to the martial soul church.

Two guards still stared at him until he entered the church. One said, “if I could afford Notting school, I would already be a soul master. oh, Notting school should have their own tools to test soul force, and would only come here when they leveled up, why this kid still came to our church?”

“Who knows, no problem, such a little kid, maybe his teacher asks him to send a message and he could not say”

Twenty-meter tall arch has a clear impact on Tang San. There are paintings all over the arch, each square has a different picture of martial soul with golden background. Looks glorious and ancient.

There are crystal windows around the church, the sunshine falls on the paintings through the windows, the golden light blinds people even more.

Tang San began to wander around to find the reception.

Not too many people in the martial soul church, there are only a few servants cleaning up, just when Tang San did not where to find the reception, he saw somebody he knew, it was the Da soul master who helped him awakening, Su Yuntao with martial soul lone wolf.

Tang San walked up, there was a female soul master with Su Yuntao this time, tall and chubby, good looking, they talked and laughed, and did not pay attention to Tang San at all.

“Su Yuntao Da soul master”

Then he realized his approaching, and his companion said, “how come there were kids this little in our martial soul church, is this some noble kid coming here to get awakened. ”

Su Yuntao did not recognize Tang San, there were so many kids awakened with him and Tang San did not look so poor any more.

“You are?”

Seeing the confusing eyes, Tang San explained, “I am Tang San, it was that one in the Saint soul village with the blue silver grass, full soul force”

“It is you, how come you are here?” Born with full force is easy to remember, Su Yuntao remembered him at once.

Tang San said, “Teacher asked me to come here to advance in level and test what level soul force i have now”

Su Yuntao was surprised, “You already got your first soul ring? that was quick, this is uniform from Notting school right? no wonder the best here, teachers are responsible”

Su Yuntao’s girl was not happy being ignored, “Yuntao, are you going to introduce him to me or not?”

“Sisi, this is the kid I mentioned to you with full soul force, but his martial soul is blue silver grass, or else his future cannot be limited. Now he has got his first soul ring, and also a soul master now. Please wait for me here, i will take him to Ma Xiunuo Da master. ”

When Sisi heard about the full soul force, her eyes shone, but then she just nodded with despise when heard that it was blue silver grass, “you can go, I will wait you here.”

“Thank you” Su Yuntao was responsible, Tang San thought.

Su Yuntao lead Tang San to the second floor, and there are a bunch of rooms there, and from the hallway he could see the hall on the first floor. These must be the offices.

Su Yuntao wanted to be with Sisi, he took Tang San to a door and entered without knocking.

“Who is this?” An old voice asked from the room. It was a bright office, an old person sat behind a wide office desk, neat soul master outfit, with three sword mark, showed he was a fight  da soul master.

“Yuntao, you are still too bold, to practice soul master you need to focus, it is better if you are more steady, or else you will be like me, never go above level thirty”

Su Yuntao said, “sorry to bother you, this kid is coming to test his level.”

The old soul master laughed, “are you sure this kid is coming to test his level instead of getting his martial soul awakened?”

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