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Chapter 12: Chaotic Wind, Way of Hammer (2)

August 3, 2012

Su Yuntao gave a bitter smile, “Of course I am sure, I awaken his martial soul. He was the kid I mentioned to you that born with full soul force with blue silver grass. He already got a soul ring, so we need to trouble you. Sisi was waiting for me, I will leave now”, then he pat on Tang San’s shoulder and left in a hurry.

Looking at Su Yuntao leaving, Ma Xiunuo shook his head, “another youth absorbed by love, but Sisi was not suitable for him. She wanted too much, would not be controlled by him. ”

Tang San greeted the old soul master.

“Kid, you dont have to call me da soul master, just call me grandpa, I am 81, old enough for you.”

“Hello, Grandpa Ma xiunuo”

He smiled, “Come on, let me take you to check your level, you are a good kid, it was a pity your martial soul is blue silver grass”

Saying, he took Tang San’s hand to take him outside his office and walked along the hall way, at the end, there were three big arch doors.

“This is lab, come inside. “, he opened the door on the left and took Tang San in.

Tang San had a strange feeling inside the room, it seemed that his Qi was vibrating with some hidden rhythm.

The room is wide, and high, 200 square meters, a giant glass provide the light.

Tang San found what was manipulating his Qi, on the walls, there were many fist sized black stones, looked the same as the one they used to awaken his martial soul.

On the ground, a big signal with a long sword pointing to the entrance, just like the one outside the church.

Ma Xiunuo noticed Tang San was looking at the ground, said, “We are the lowest church, just a branch,  on the mainland, even the smallest city will have a church like ours. A higher level would be called the child church, and then the main church. Only big cities have main church, in the capital, there is the saint church, and then the pope church, the most saint place. Above that, there is one special for the warlock. Only warlock level soul master can enter there, and that is the ending place for all the warlocks registered with the church. A dreaming place for all soul masters. ”

The six leveled church just matched with the six signals of course. “Thanks for telling me this, can we start now?”

“Young people nowadays are always in a hurry, ok, we can start, get out your martial soul and the soul ring. ”

Tang San walked to the middle and get the blue silver grass out on his hand. Thick leaves got out in a swamp, then covered the ground. The soul ring from the Marinda snake coming up from his feet moving up and down the body.

Ma Xiunuo was smiling politely, and then shocked when he saw the grass, “this is blue silver grass?”

“Any questions, Granpa?”

Ma Xiunuo wiped his eyes and made sure he did not see it wrong, then he looked at the yellow soul ring, “of course, hundred year soul ring, no wonder the blue silver grass changed so much. kid, I still did not know your name”

“Tang San”

Ma Xiunuo took a long breath, “I am sure you have a good teacher, but even a teacher there can help you to hunt a hundred year soul monster is very hard. Pity blue silver grass cant develop that much, or else mayhaps you will become a great soul master, you have only awakened several months”

He handed a yellow crystal ball to Tang San, “Put your soul force in and let me see what level you are, theoretically should be level eleven.”

The crystal ball lighted up, not strong, but very clear.

“This, this is level thirteen.” Ma Xiunuo looked at Tang San as if he was a little monster, “Could it be because the soul ring was strong, and the soul force increased, but it should not jump two levels. kid, can you tell me, what soul monster did you get your soul ring from?”

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