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Early Universe Poem

December 2, 2012

At the beginning, our universe was in a hot, dense state;

Tiny quantum fluctuations all around in the space foam;

Then the universe inflated;

In such a short time, much less than one-trillionth of a second;

Fluctuations grew to be big, made some places slightly denser than others;

Those were the seeds for the galaxies in the sky;

But let us looked back;

At the baby universe when it was younger than a thousandth of a second;

It was like a huge factory;

But not a very successful one;

Particles and anti-particles were produced quickly;

But they disappeared almost as fast;

Matter and anti-matter are the ultimate star-crossed lovers;

They reach for each other’s hands;

And disappeared in a poof;

The universe was getting cooler, as it was expanding;

Anti-matter lost the battle and was nowhere to be found;

The protons were turned into neutrons;

And they started to stick to each other, and helium was made;

Three quarters hydrogen, one quarter of helium;

That was our entire universe, a simple recipe;

Nuclei captured electrons;

Atoms were formed;

Photons were bouncing around,

Atoms went back to nuclei;

Until the universe was too cool;

For photons to separate the nuclei and electrons;

They were left free, travelling billions of years;

Then they reached an antenna, like the one on your TV;

The atoms formed the cloud;

And galaxies were made.

This is the end of our story;

Which all started with a Big Bang.

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