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Play of early universe

December 2, 2012

10^-43 s  after the big bang:

Some unknown particle or fraction of space: What is going on?

Everything is changing so quickly. Ah, my body is stretched.

10^-38 s  after the big bang:

Graviton: I am the only particle that is going to survive to the end.

GUT particle: Is that a prophecy? Ominous…

10^-10 s  after the big bang:

W and B bosons: Look, I am so heavy. Wait, I am decaying…

Photons: Let there be light.

Gluons: Hold on to each other. We need to be colorless.

0.001 s  after the big bang:

Quarks: we are never independent again. Protons: We, we are the true building block of the universe.Neutrons: And me.Anti-matter: Pure energy, pure energy is the way to go.

5 mins after the big bang:

Proton A, proton B, neutron A, neutron B: We live together

Other protons: you guys are going to be the laziest element…

380,000 years after the big bang:

Photons: Freedom, finally.

Electrons: let me go, you nuclei.

1 billion years after the big bang:Molecular clouds: hello world, let us make some stars.

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