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Chinese Zodiac, the Race

December 13, 2012

Chinese Zodiac has twelve animals: mouse, bull, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog, pig.

But where is it in that order? Today we are going to crack that myth.

In one of the ancient stories, the legend is that this is determined by a race. How does the mouse win? Well, mouse is very cunning, so he managed to persuade the bull to carry him on his back, and right before they reach the final line, the mouse jump down from the bull and cross the line first.

But what about the rest of the animals, is there a race that such order is reasonable?

First, forget about the dragon, the ancient chinese dragon does not have wings and have five chicken feet and fish scales and can somehow ride clouds to fly around. It is very hard to say how he will perform in a race.

The monkey did not do well, so we know the race must not be in the forest.

“But wait, how is it possible that the snake could win over a horse or a dog?”

From there, we conclude that it must be a very short race for a snake to win.. probably less than 100 meters.

“How is that possible that the chicken can win over a dog? They dont move very fast, and they get distracted easily. ”

Maybe there is an obstacle and the dog is the type that has really short legs, like chiwawa. That also explains how the chicken beat the pig. The pig also have short legs and have to wait the dog to dig a hole for him. The chicken just flew over, which tells us that the obstacle cannot be that tall. Wait, how did the snake get through? There must be a hole in the obstacle then.

“But how did the sheep get through?”

It is probably a mountain goat.

“How did the bull get in front everybody else? The tiger probably could catch a bull easily.”

The bull likes to hang out with friends, so he brought all his friends to the race as well. If you ever watched lion king, you would know everything would stay out of way when a load of bulls ran by.

Wow, that mouse must be very smart to pick the fastest bull to tag along.

Myth solved! Long long time ago, there was a race to make into the Chinese Zodiac. It was a less than 50 meter race on the plain field with a small wall (that has a hole in it) as the obstacle. Bull brought all his friends but his victory was stolen by a mouse. obstacle stopped dog and pig from winning. Just as first four were determined, the dragon popped out of nowhere.The rest of the race was continued without further divine interference.




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