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Chapter 12: Chaotic Wind, Way of Hammer (3)

January 4, 2013

Tang San did not hide, and answered, “It is Merinda snake”.

Ma Xiunuo was surprised, “no wonder, it is the most annoying low-leve soul monster Merinda snake, a hundred-year one even. No wonder has such an effect. Well, something is wrong, your martial soul belongs to the plants, how come you can use the soul ring of the animals. Did you happen to say it wrong?”

Boss Xiao and his minions were just kids, and did not understand the martial soul so deeply. But Ma Xiunuo has worked in the martial soul church for years, and understood the basic rules of soul rings more than other people and immediately realized the point.

Tang San shook his head, and said, “Granpa Ma Xiunuo, I did not say it wrong, why couldn’t plant martial soul use animal soul ring? Under certain condition, it is realizable, my teacher called it the martial soul mimicry theory. ”

Ma Xiuluo changed his expression, “please allow me to ask, who is your teacher?”

Tang San said, “Everybody called him Da Master.”

“Da Master, the one who published the ten core competition forces in martial soul and was delisted by the martial soul church? He is in our Notting City?”

After hearing this, Tang San finally knew that Da Master was actually from the soul master church, and did not know what to answer.

Ma Xiunuo suddenly became serious, “Tang San, do you want to enlist with the martial soul church?”

Tang San was somewhat taken aback,”Grandpa Maxiunuo, didn’t I already come to register with the martial soul church?”

Ma Xiunuo shook his head, said “No, it is not the same, registering with the martial soul church, is to be done by most of the soul masters. So that they can get the allowance from the kingdom. but enlisting with the martial soul church, is to become the soul masters that belong to the church. The practice of the soul master will go directly to the special school of the church.  ”

Tang San shook his head, “That probably would not work, I already started my study in Notting Beginner’s school.”

Ma Xiunuo sighed, “We are indeed too late, even if us martial soul church, can not steal people from other schools. That is all right. It is all Su Yuntao’s fault. He should directly take you here to the martial soul church. I am afraid Da Master would not agree for you to enter the church, after all.. ”

Tang San smiled, “We could not say that way, if i came to martial soul church, probably I would not get such a good soul ring, what do you say, Grandpa Ma Xiunuo.”

Ma Xiunuo was taken aback, “What you said is reasonable, ok, your test to upgrade level is over. From now on, you are an honorable soul master of Sky Fight Kingdom. Welcome to become a soul master. From now on, you can get allowance here every month with the medal you are about to get. Soul master can get one gold coin every month. When you become a da master, the allowance will become ten gold coins. I will report the fact that animal soul rings can be used on plant martial soul. ‘


As Tang San leaving the martial soul church, his soul container belt contained in addition a medal made by the martial soul church. It was round and with his name on the back, in the front, two thorns crossed over, standing for the level of soul master. Tang San, although with a blacksmith background, could not tell what it was made of .

Tang San began to run towards to the school after leaving the church. Because Ma Xiunuo told him the shortcut, he could save at least after the time.

When he was really close to the school, Tang San heard something really familiar and slowed down.


The mark of hammer, tall but rough house, the sound was just from there. It was a blacksmith’s shop.

From the outside, the size of the shop was way bigger than his house and many customers were going out and in.

Blacksmith’s shop, Tang San thought of what his father said, Tang Hao had told him to find a blacksmith’s shop to work to support himself.

However, now he has work at school to do, would he have time to do this part-time job?

Living in the blacksmith’s shop, Tang San had a feeling about this career, and looked at the shop for a long time, before he ran towards the school.

Da Master’s body was recovering, Tang San used Da Master’s money to get food from the dining hall and took it to him and ate with him. Now Da Master could walk and told him not to bother to take care of him. He told him to go to the class normally and read his book carefully.

After leaving the room of Da Master, Tang San went back to his dorm. Now the room was full and all the students were talking about something.

“Xiao San, you are back” Little Dancer sat on the bed, of course, with the common blanket behind her back.

“Little Dancer, take me to the place we are supposed to clean. I keep my words, from now on, I will take care of it.” Keeping the words is the first to be a human being. Tang San was good at that.

Little Dancer gave him a glance “No need to clean anymore, good for you, no need to clean ever.”

Tang San was shocked, “Why?”

Little Dancer said with a bit pride, “You think I am a bossess for nothing? All our work was done by Xiao Chenyu and his minions. From now on we dont have to do anything, but still get paid. You also did a lot in the fight, good for you.”

Although Tang San liked to keep his words, he was not stupid, and laughed, “that is great, now you became the Big Sister for the whole school ”

Little Dancer sat up and held his knees, stared at Tang San, “How’s going with your

test at the church?”

Tang San answered “Done, now I am a soul master.”

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