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Chapter 12: Chaotic Wind, Way of Hammer (4)

January 4, 2013

All the other students around looked a bit jealous. Of course, just a bit jealous. The view of how Tang San today defeated Xiao Chenyu today still left a big impression in their mind. Even Wang Sheng admired him a lot. He knew even if he got a soul ring he might not beat him.

Little Dancer asked surprisingly, “What benefits do you get by being a soul master? Not just a name, is it”

Tang San smiled, and said, “There are some benefits, at least I can eat better, soul master each month gets a gold coin as allowance. ”

“One gold coin? that is a lot” Little Dance now understood the importance of the money. Although Xiao Chenyu said  he would pay for all the food for the king-sponsored students, it was better to have money in her own hand rather than other people’s.

While saying, Little Dance jumped off the bed and ran out excitedly.

“Little Dance, where are you going?”

“I will go to register a soul master, a gold coin, can buy lots of snacks.”

“You dont have to be in that a hurry…”

“Why not, you forgot today’s the end of month? if I go now, probably i can get two gold coins with the next month”

“But, can you go there after wearing your shoes?”


Little Dancer ran to the martial soul church at last. Tang San smiled, probably Ma Xiunuo would be shocked again, after all, Little Dancer was a real monster martial soul fighter. Comparing the gift from born, she was better than himself.

Now that he did not have to do the work at school, Tang San remembered the “ding..ding..” from the shop. Village master Jack said, after he was raised to medium school, there would be a lot spendings. a lot of things at home should be changed as well. If he can make money, it would be always good. Also, it was what his father wanted. Most importantly, he could only get the chance to get material from the blacksmith’s shop to arm himself up. he found that he would be more familiar with the   dark weapon better if he made it himself during the process of making the sleeve-arrows.

“Tang San, I am sorry for what happened that day. Are you still angry?” while Tang San was in his thought, Wang Sheng walked by and apologized.

Tang San shook his head, “I already forgot. I needed to go out again, and would only come back late.”

Wang Sheng nodded, and said, “go, yes, congrats you become a soul master.”

“You would make it soon enough” Tang San smiled.

Walking out the school again, Tang San felt tired. After coming back with Da Master, he did not really rest and fought with Xiao Chenyu etc another few times. Even if his Qi reached second level, he still felt tired.

But he still needed to go to the blacksmith’s shop, probably not starting until tomorrow, now he was afraid they would not accept such a kid like himself.

He walked straight in after arriving. Once in, he felt the heat from inside, like every other blacksmith’s shop. Of course, his family’s broken one was less hot.

There was a large lobby inside. On the right, a lot of iron made things were hung on the wall, not just for farmers, more arms, weapons. After all, few were soul master, weapons were still needed, of course weapons were more expensive than the farmers’ tools.

After seeing these weapons, Tang San remembered what he did in the other life. During that time, the pit typed dark weapons Tang tribe made contributed the largest part of the income. There were a lot of rules, although selling some to others, but only the ones poisonless and normal ones. The really complicated ones were kept only inside. Even in this case, the supply never met the demands.

If, I make a factory to make dark weapons in this world, what kind of income can I make?

“Hi, little friend, why do you come here? if you want to buy anything, ask your parents to come, go out, it is dangerous here” As he was thinking, a loud voice broke his thoughts.

Looking up, a guy without clothes on his chest was looking at him, huge muscles underneath black skin, look well-built, a big hammer in his hand, sweat on his forehead.

“Hello, I was coming to ask if you needed apprentice here”. Tang San was young, and voice clear, although a lot “ding ding” in the shop, everybody heard clearly.

A lot of them stopped their work, and looked at Tang San with smile. Blacksmith was among the lowest careers, all pour people, make life with force and skill. Although not good looking, but nice in heart.

The guy who talked before looked Tang San a little longer, “Little friend, stop being naughty, this is not safe. You dont look a blacksmith either. we dont accept apprentice this young. You probably could not pick up the hammer. haha”

Tang San then realized he was wearing the clean school uniform. “Sorry, I will be back” and then he ran out.

The shop was close to the school. When he came back, he changed to his own clothes, with lots of patches on his clothes. he did not even make-up to become a beggar.

Once enter, Tang San went back to the same guy, “Now you see I can become an apprentice right?”

The guy looked at his ragged-clothes, “Little friend, are you kidding me?”

Tang San said, “Of course not. I am a king-sponsored student at the school. I have time every afternoon. My dad was the blacksmith in our village. I learned how to forge from my dad since I was little. I wanted to get a job here. “

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