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Chapter 12: Chaotic Wind, Way of Hammer (5)

January 4, 2013

After listening to Tang San, the guy’s expression became mild. Both were from poverty, he felt sympathy for the kid, also, the kid was studying in school. The guy finally said, “ok, if you want to come, you can come. You can at least clean up and serve tea and water. But there is not much money to earn, but we will feed you, how about that?”

“No problem” Tang San answered with joy.

The other workers all smiled at the kid. The guy stared at them, and said, “what are you looking at, no work to do? Work harder, I will treat you wheat ale.”

Everybody became so vigorous after he said that, and swung their hammers to continue working.

The guy swung his own forging hammer towards the iron in front of him and introduced himself “I am Shi San, shi means stone. The shop belongs to my family. From now on, you work for me, I will treat you lunch and dinner and another ten bronze coins, that is one silver coin. If it worked out, i can give you more. ok, what is your name?”

“Tang San”

“Tang San? cool. boh our names have a San, that is lucky. which village are you from?”

“I am from Saint soul village.”

“You said you learned to be a blacksmith, you are so little, what can your father teach you?”

“Of course forging. Although I am short, I am strong. ”

The guy laughed “Brothers, our new apprentice said he could smith, do you believe him?”

All the other guys also laughed. Tang San looked about six or seven, that is after he got his first soul ring and grew a bit. From the look, who would believe he could smith?

Tang San did not like to be looked down upon, “I really can smith, if you dont believe, let me try.”

Shi San stopped and put down the forge hammer, “ok, if you can lift my hammer, I will believe you.”, and handed the hammer over to Tang San. Since the head was still on the ground, he was not afraid Tang San would drop it and hurt himself.

“You seemed to get rid of the impurity in the iron ore, I can help you to finish this ” Tang San took over the hammer.

Shi San was born with huge force. His hammer is bigger than other people’s, taller than Tang San himself. Again, he became the focus of the shop. Everybody looked at him with a smile. But the smile soon faded, because Tang San lifted the hammer up, actually horizontally  up in front of his chest.

30% heavier than the normal one, Tang San judged as it left the ground. He could even lift it before getting the soul ring, of course easier now.

Looking at Tang San lifted the hammer up, Shi San’s eyes became wild open, and praised, “Great force, no wonder our blacksmith’s son.”

Tang San stared at the iron ore on the stove, took a deep breath and swung the hammer up. “Hei”

Feet stuck on the ground, and started the force from the calf, the force moved up, Tang San turned around, and the huge hammer swung half a circle and fell heavily on the iron ore.

“Dang”, all the workers were shocked. Immediately after that, as the hammer bounced back, Tang San turned around quickly, the hammer was up, another huge noise, the hammer dropped on the iron with an even bigger force.

“help me with the bellows, the temperature is not high enough”, Tang San said quickly, and a third hammer was up again. Now the hammer was even faster, and went with a windy sound.

Shi San had been blacksmith long and knew the result of low temperature and took the bellows.

What happened next made an unforgettable scene for everybody. The hammer seemed to be alive in Tang San’s hand, one circle after another in the air, and “dang dang”‘s noise stormed the shop.

None of them noticed that Tang San’s hands were white like jade. The iron ore jumped underneath the hammer.

Shi San pulled the bellows and stared at Tang San. His expression was beyond surprise.

Others knew how heavy Shi San’s hammer was and knew the difficulty to hit it many times, especially one hammer heavier than the other.

“Dang”, after the last hit, Tang San circled twice with the hammer and balanced the impulse of the hammer. With the hammer head towards down, he fell back on the ground, bringing a shock to everybody’s heart.

Twenty seven hammers, after twenty-seven hammers’ hit continuously. The iron ore did not change the shape but look a lot smaller.

Shi San could do it as well, but would need a whole day and he was a blacksmith for fifteen years.

He murmured, “This, is this the chaotic wind, way of hammer? The strongest continuous smithing method?”

“Chaotic wind, way of hammer? what is that?” Tang San was confused.

Shi San was excited, “The so called chaotic wind, way of hammer,is a method to continuous smith. it borrows force and uses force, and can use the force of the blacksmith perfectly. It is said the best blacksmith could hammer eighty one hammer, and smith the iron ore to what he wants. The most important aspect is that this method can get rid of the impurity the best. I thought the method was lost. I cannot believe I am seeing this in your hand. ”


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