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Father’s message (1)

January 4, 2013

Is this really the method? Tang San saw his drunk dad in his view and could not believe his father was actually a great blacksmith.

“I dont know if this is the method, my dad taught me that”

Shi San breathed out, and laughed, “It seems that I pick a treasure today. The condition we said before was changed. Now you are the same with every body, every month one silver coin. If we had good income, you can get more.”

Just like that, Tang San became one of Shi San’s smith shop’s workers and lived with full of work.

The class at school was not that important for him. Da Master’s teaching was more useful than the teachers in the school any way

He read carefully the book Da Master gave to him. As he predicted, Da Master pointed out many ways to practice the soul force, similar to how Qi was practiced. Of course, it was only his theoretical design, not as good as the real Qi method, far from the method Tang San used from Tang Tribe.

Little Dancer got her soul master smoothly. After admitted the Big Sister for the whole school, she had a relaxed school life.

Every morning, Tang San would train his purple monster eyes with the rising sun, and went to learn in school in the morning and worked in the smith’s shop in the afternoon and listened to Da Master in the evening and practiced Qi in the night.

In Shi San’s shop, Tang San only used a short time to win everybody. Shi San gave him the job to refine the metal. While he was free, he refined some wasted material and made more of his dark weapon. He only made parts and decided to put them together when he was back to school.

Little Dancer depended her strength and help of Xiao Chenyu, became the boss of everybody in the school. She lived leisurely, sometimes, she did not even go to class. Tang San never saw her practicing, but her soul force was rising steadily.

In the school, one semester was one year and students were not allowed to go back, but relatives can come to see. Tang San was hoping his dad would come, but he saw no Tang Hao. He was busy so he did not have that much time to miss.

As the martial soul church, after Tang San was tested, people from there came and talked to Da Master. Da Master did not tell him what they were talking about, nor did Tang San ask. But from the smile on his face, Tang San guessed the relationship between the church and Da Master was better than before.

“Little Dancer, tomorrow was vacation, do you go home?” Tang San put things together and talked to Little Dancer.

One year was over soon, and he could go home to see dad. yesterday afternoon he got leave from the smith’s shop and bought a new forging hammer and wanted to bring it home to dad.

After Tang San joined, the weapons’ quality sold in the shop increased and more people came. Now Tang San was making five silver coins every month.

Little Dancer lied on the bed and looked lonely, different from herself, “I am not going back, maybe I will stay here. ”

Tang San was taken aback “It is one year, you are not going back?”

Little Dancer said, “Xiao San, is your home near? how about me go with you, Wang Sheng and Xiao Chenyu all went to test for middle school, nobody would play with me”

Tang San laughed, he started to know Little Dancer after a year, this girl liked to move and always afraid the world was too peaceful. When she was mild, looked like a cute doll, but once crazy, she was the boss again. A lot of students suffered from her already.

“My house was poor, nothing to treat you.”

Little Dancer had her hands on the waist, and stared at Tang San “You saved so much on your allowance, did not spend any, and afraid of treat me?”

Tang San stretched out his right hand, “Speak of which, somebody owed me six silver coins.”

Little Dancer looked embarrassed. One gold coin every month was not little, but she spent a lot as well. She bought whatever she liked and did not think of the usefulness. Now she had her own blanket and did not have use Tang San’s. Never cared about money, just borrow from Tang San whenever she needed, which became her habit.

“Just six silver coins? I will give you after I get allowance this month. Say, do you want me to go with you?”

Tang San smiled, “you can come if you want. But, my father did not have a good temper”

Little Dancer could not care less, “I am so cute, your dad is going to like me” and made a cute face and blinked her eyes.

Other people might be cheated by her face, but Tang San saw too many times when the volcano was erupted. he shook his head, “You dont have to use for me. You are just seven, if a bit older, you can be a foxy elf”

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