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Father’s Message (2)

January 4, 2013

“Foxy elf, what was that?” Little Dancer asked with surprise.

Tang San smiled, “It was an elf from a soul monster practicing, and seduced guys specifically”

Little Dancer was taken aback and looked at Tang San strangely for a short time. Then she became excited, “You go to die, dared to say I am a foxy elf, I will duel with you” and then she jumped up from her own bed and rushed to Tang San with teeth and claws.

Other students were not surprised at all. Big Sister and Tang San’ fights were common thing fro them. If there was a day they did not fight, the students would feel uncomfortable.

The second day in the morning, a jumping girl was by Tang San’s side, in school’s uniform. They left the city and walked towards the saint soul village.

Tang San was filled up in the last year, and he was satisfied. After breaking through the first level of his Qi and after his hard practice, he improved a lot. Following his own calculation, he should have about sixteen to seventeen level of soul force.

In the whole school, Little Dancer was the only one that can match him in soul force, although nobody saw her practice, their soul force was always close. Sometimes Tang San was ahead and then he was taken over. Both kids, but none admited to be weaker than the other, so they always fought.

At first, some of the students from the high level classes could add in, but as Tang San and Little Dancer’s soul force rocked up, nobody bothered him any more. Who wants to become a sand bag?

Whenever Tang San and Little Dancer fought, he was at a disadvantage more often than not. Little Dancer could attack in a lot of ways. Especially her flexible skill gave others’ feeling of rice cakes. If nobody was using the soul ring, Tang San would always fail. Even with soul ring, with the tangling and numb skill of the blue silver grass, he could just break even with Little Dancer.

Tang San’s dark weapon was not used in these fights. On one hand, the dark weapons were too dangerous, and could hurt people easily. On the other hand, he wanted to practice his ability to do close fight. Probably because it was more helpful then not, the teachers did not trouble them either. Although they were only in the first year, they were the talented ones in the whole school.

“Are we there yet?” Little Dancer looked around.

“Almost, see that mountain, the village is at the foot.” Almost at home, Tang San was excited, if not because the school regularized that everybody had to come back to school to live and every night there were teachers checking. Tang San would already go back to see his dad. One year no say, are you ok, dad?

Probably because he was orphan, he appreciated his parents a lot.

He touched his belt, inside which there was the hammer he would bring to his dad, new clothes and a few bottles of nice soke.

The village he lived for six years was in front him. Knowing not why, he felt something he could not explain. If he had to put it in words, Tang San would say it was a good feeling to have a family, even if it was just himself and his father.

Very soon, two kids walked in the saint soul village, Tang San’s family was at the end of the village. He pointed to the board that was falling off, said to Little Dancer with a smile, “look, that is my house. “.

The house was just in front, Tang San became excited and walked faster, within two or three steps, he was in front of the house.

The gate was still open as when he was leaving, this was Tang Hao’s habit. After all, his blacksmith shop had nothing worth stealing.

“Dad, I am back” Tang San yelled excitedly.

Little Dancer never saw Tang San like that, she stood behind him and stared him with surprise. In her impression, Tang San was mild and did not talk much. It seemed he was busy, always had something to do, only through practice with him, she could see him serious. Even when he was lost, he did not look angry or exciting.

Tang San ran into the house. Nothing seemed to change. The shop was still messy, even messier. Things everywhere, it looked broken, but brought him familiarness.

“Xiao San, you are back.” Someone walked out of the room.

Tang San was taken aback, “Jack, you are here, where is my dad?”

Master of the village Old Jack walked out and smiled bitterly, and handed a page to Tang San, “You can take a look, this is what your dad left. I came to see him this morning, and wanted to pick you up with me together but you are already back.”

Tang San felt nervous and took the paper and looked at it.

There was only a few lines on the paper, and the handwriting was rough.

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