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Father’s Message (3)

January 4, 2013

“Xiao San:

When you see this message, I have left. Do not try to find me, you cannot find me. You are still young, but you can take care of yourself. Young eagle can only fly high if it opens its own wings. Do not worry for me. You are exquisite like your mother. Your dad is a useless person. As you grow up, I need to go back to get something that belongs to me. There would be one day that we will meet again. I hope you become strong, but not too strong. Your path is your own choice.  If you think the career of a soul master is not good, just come back to saint soul village and be a blacksmith like me.

Do not miss me

Tang Hao. ”

Holding the paper in his hand, Tang San was still. The happiness in his heart became  lost.

Dad is gone. Dad, why are you leaving?

Old Jack looked at Tang San and smiled bitterly, “Tang Hao left without any signs. The day before yesterday I just came to ask him to make farmers’ tools. Now he is left, we need to find another blacksmith. This person, not responsible at all.”

Tang San came back to himself, “Jack, you said my dad just left in two days?”

Old Jack nodded, “Just these two days. Xiao San, dont be sad, it is not worth it for such a father. Follow me, come to my house. ”

Tang San shook his head and folded the paper in his hand and put it in his own chest pocket.

“Thanks, Jack. The house is too chaotic, I am not going to ask you to stay, I will clean it up.”

Old Jack was taken aback, he did not think little Tang San was asking him to leave and sighed, “Ok, if you need anything, I am here” He shook his head and left.

After Old Jack left, there were just Tang San and Little Dancer. Without saying anything, Tang San began to tidy up the messy room, and put away everything in the house.

It was strange that Little Dancer who was jumping around all the time now kept quiet and walked next to Tang San and helped him to put away things. She fetched water and got rid of the dust in the room.

…… I am the separation line…..

Notting Beginner’s school,

Da Master was reading in his room. Xiao San went back home, he felt empty. After a year’s accompany, although he said nothing, he felt more towards his student.

Just when Tang san left in the morning he was thinking if he should go to his home to take a look. But then he decided not to. Many reasons, even he himself cannot tell what exactly.

“Peng, peng” knocks on the door.

Da Master frowned, nobody came here at all besides Tang San.

“Come in.” Da Master put down his book in hand and said.

The door was open. A huge guy walked in. He was in a simple grey rope, hair messy on the shoulder. Age left its print on his face. His eyes seemed that he walked to the end of the life, not matched with his fiftyish year old face.

“Hello, Da Master” The person’s voice was low.

Not knowing why, Da Master felt nervous once this person entered, soul force all over his body.

“You are? ” slowly standing up, Da Master looked confused.

The guy in grey said, “it seemed that we did not see each other in twenty years. I look like this now, no wonder you cannot recognize me. I am Tang Hao.”

“Tang Hao?” It astonished Da Master, who was usually very calm. His eyes stared at the person in front of him, hands grabbing the table, the fingers turned white, “you, you are Hao…”

Tang Hao waved his hand to stop Da Master to continue, and said coldly, “You dont have to mention my used title, we used to see each other a few times before. Other people might think you are a crazy person, but I know, you are persistent. ”

Da Master quieted down, “I guessed right then, you are Xiao San’s father. He has gone home, how come you are here?”

Tang Hao nodded, “It is because he went home, I would be here. I know, you take him as a student. As a father, I should come here to see you earlier. I am leaving and only concerned with him. So, I hope you can take care of him.”

“You are leaving, where? he is your son.” Da Master stared at Tang Hao sharply.

Tang Hao looked cold still, “He is also your student. I must leave, a lot of things I have to do. If he follows me, he will not be happy. I have no other requirements of him. His life, he should choose himself. Ten years, I have left this world ten years. Now he has grown up, some things, I have to do.”

Da Master breathed in deeply, “I dont know what happened to you, but I knew Xiao San was very attached to you. Don’t you think it is too cruel for you to leave like this?”

Tang Hao said, “He chose to walk a road that is not normal. It is cruel for him to be together with me. Ok, I have finished, just remember, any time, he is my son.”

With this sentence, Tang Hao waved his hand, a black order fell on the table in front of Da Master. The order was like the one Da Master took Tang San to the soul hunting forest and showed. But all the six graphs were on this one.


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