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Father’s Message (4)

January 4, 2013

Peng, The door was shut. Tang Hao’s tall figure disappeared. Looking at the door, Da Master did not do anything for a long time.

And then, he lowered his head, and his eyes were on that order and smiled bitterly, “It is hard to believe, but my idol becomes this.”

…… I am the separation line ….

The sun was about to set, in front of the blacksmith’s shop, two little ones sat. They wore the same clothes and were just sitting, quietly.

The last rays of the Sun fell on their clothes and seemed to make them shine with a circle of red edges.

The girl on the red turned over and looked at the boy, two hands on her chin, wanted to say something, but eventually did not.

The boy said something at last. He held a new forging hammer, “Little Dancer, thanks”

“what for” Little Dancer was confused.

“Thanks for being together with me. ” Tang San lowered his head and looked at the ground underneath the feet. Hie eyes looked obscure, but tears never fell off.

Little Dancer laughed, and pushed Tang San on the shoulder. She used some force, almost pushed him over. “Stop being depressed. Your dad was just leaving for now. You would eventually meet each other again, maybe, his leaving, was just to make you grow up strong. If you remain like this, you would not live up to his hope. ”

Tang San smiled faintly, “Maybe, but, why he would not meet me once more. Little Dancer, do you know, my dad is my only relative. Without dad, this home is not a home any more. ”

Little Dancer shook her head and her long braid fell in front of her. “Without your dad, you still have a friend like me. If you really need a relative, I can be your elder sister. Quick, call me big sister, everybody does except you.”

Seeing cute Little Dancer and her reddened face underneath the sunset, Tang San laughed. When one was hurt in the heart, it was good to have somebody around.

“If you want to be my younger sister, i am not against that. If I remembered right, although we were born in the same year, but you were a few months younger than me. I was born in January but you were born in August, right?”

“Forget it. i only want to be elder sister, not younger one” Little Dancer was enraged and hit Tang San on the head.

Tang San avoided that and jumped away. He stood three meters in front of Little Dancer, “Little Dancer, follow me to the mountain, I will show you something.”

Tang San was serious, as if he was determined.

Little Dancer stopped goofing around and nodded to him.

Tang San held Little Dancer’s hand and ran towards the hill. The shadows of them looked longer as the Sun was setting.

He stopped only after they reached the peak. Even with all his Qi’s help, he was out of breath.

Standing on top of the mountain, he faced the sunset, and his eyes filled with purple color, “Little Dancer, this is where I practice before. i will ask you one question seriously, and expect you to answer it seriously.”

Little Dancer stuck her tongue out, “Do you know, you look like those old guys in our school.”

Tang San turned around and looked at Little Dancer, “Do you want to be my younger sister? I really want to have another relative. ”

Little Dancer was about to say something, but stopped by Tang San. “Listen to me first. I have nothing, and my home has nothing. I am just a peasant. I cant give you wealth nor power. You are born with full soul force but you are different from me. I can see, you have your story. I have never asked, because I am afraid we are from completely different background and could not be friends. But, I really wanted to have a younger sister like you. Although I could not give you what nobles can, I can promise, i will protect my sister forever from being hurt, even a little.”

Seeing tears in Tang San’s eyes, Little Dancer’s eyes turned red “what if in one day, a lot of people want to kill me and you cannot fight against them, what then?”

Tang San said with a smile, “Then they will have to step over my corpse first”

Little Dancer was quiet, Tang San did not say anything either, the Sun was gone. The stars twinkled in the sky.

“Ge, (elder brother)”, one word from Little Dancer broke the silence.

Tears fell off from Tang San’s eyes. He held Little Dancer’s hand “Thanks, meimei (younger sister)”

Father left, but he had a younger sister now, Tang San stared at the sky and made a promise for his life.

The night is finally here, two kids sat on the top of the mountain, and felt the warm wind, looked at the stars and the moon. Everything brought a comfort feeling.

“Can I not to call you gege?” Little Dancer turned around to look at Tang San.

Tang San was taken aback, “Why?”

Little Dancer looked red, “I am the boss of the whole school, if I just happened to have an elder brother, what would they say?”

Tang San laughed, “Ok, you can still call me Xiao San. I know you are my younger sister in my heart, I dont care what you call me.”

As he was saying, Tang San lifted his hand, and lifted his sleeves, and took down the sleeve arrows off the sleeves.

“Now that we are siblings, I dont have anything worth something. I will give you this to protect yourself. This is my first work.”

Little Dancer stared at Tang San’s sleeve arrows, “What is this?”

—Notice, from now on, Little Dancer will change to her chinese name, Xiao Wu.

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