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Evil-eyed White Tiger Dai Mubai (1)

January 5, 2013

Tang San smiled “I call it sleeve-arrow, and can also be called soundless arrow, as long as you turn the switch on, the three arrows in it will get out under your control. You can shoot one or three together, because the sound is really small, it is hard for your opponent to realize. So, if you are facing opponent same level as you, it will have good effect.”

Xiao Wu was surprised, “How come I never see you use this before when we fought?”

Tang San said, “Silly one, we are classmates and friends. how could I use this kind of weapon to hurt you. Remember that time I use stone to hit you. Do you think that is a coincidence? look, there is a mosquito there. ”

Xiao Wu looked along the direction of Tang San, three meters away, there was indeed a mosquito flying around. You can only see it under the moon light.

“If I tell you, i can hit its left wing without killing it, do you believe?”

Xiao Wu stared at him, “Are you joking?”

Tang San’s eyes turned purple, and he lifted his right arm, a line of dark shadow showed up and vanished, so was the mosquito.

Tang San took Xiao Wu’s hand and walked towards a tree not far away. Without Tang San pointing it out, Xiao Wu could see a three inch long steel needle shining underneath the starlight. The needle was deep in the tree, it seemed something was struggling under it.

Xiao Wu lowered her head and looked and almost yelled: there was a mosquito underneath the needle. The needle went through its left wing and nailed it down on the tree. But the mosquito was struggling, apparently not dead.

“How, How?” Xiao Wu stared at Tang San. She would think Tang San did it before hand if not they were together all the time before.

Tang San lifted up the steel needle and when he opened his hand again, the needle disappeared. “This is my secret, I called it dark weapon, even my father did not know that. I just wanted to tell you I can protect my younger sister. ”

Xiao Wu was always interested in new things, she shook Tang San’s hand “Gege, can you teach me that?”

Tang San smiled bitterly, “As you are so violent, if you study dark weapon, many people will suffer from it. it is not a day’s thing to learn it either. The sleeve arrow is a dark weapon, you learn to use that first. ”

It is not easy to learn Tang tribe’s dark weapon. First, you need to have the Qi. Xiao Wu’s soul force is not weak, it is not possible to relearn the Qi. Tang San decided he would make more pit typed dark weapon to arm her. That should be enough.

Tang San put the sleeve-arrow on Xiao Wu’s left arm, and adjusted it so it fit her arm and then explained how to use it again. She tried several times and immediately liked it.

Xiao Wu went aside to try it out and Tang San lifted his head up, and looked at the stars, said to himself, “Dad, are you afraid I can not be strong around you? No worries, I will practice hard and grow to be a man. One day, I will become your pride. ”

“Tang tribe, I have left you six years. But I still belong to you. On this land of warlocks, i will spread out your greatness. ”

His hand turned jade white, and threw a hand of needles, his eyes turned purple.

—-I am the separation line —

Five years later.

Balack Kingdom, was in the south of Empire Skyfight, right next to province Faslow. Although a kingdom, it was only three quarters of the province. The king Kuntela was a cousin of the Emperor.

The kingdom was right next to the Empire Stars, so the kingdom had the most army and was the gate of the Empire Skyfight.

Empire Skyfight had ten provinces, after four kingdoms was established, it became six different forces. Five provinces directly belonged to the Empire, each kingdom controlled one province. A Duchy was also at a corner of the Empire.

It seemed that the four kingdoms and the Duchy listen to the Empire. Actually the five kingdoms were like kingdom within kingdom, they paid tax but took care themselves otherwise. If not because the Empire controlled the army, civil wars might already happen.

Empire Stars was similar. Although two empires seemed to be strong, but were walking down the roads. Nobody knew, but the situation could suddenly change.

Balack Kingdom had two important cities One was the capital Balack city, the center of the kindom. The other one was Sutow in the center of the plateau, filled with grains for the kingdom.

Lots of army were in both cities

City Sutow was a big city. It was easy to tell because it had a third level martial soul church.

It was just pass the noon, and it was hot. Two youth walked towards the western gate of the city. It seemed they were both teenagers, with no luggage,  one boy and one girl.


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