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Evil-eyed White Tiger Dai Mubai (2)

January 5, 2013

The boy wore simple. About twelve or thirteen. one seventy centimeter, in light blue. He had a belt with twenty four jades on it, black hair touching the shoulder, not handsome, but seemed to be easy-going, with a light smile.

The boy seemed to be normal, but the girl was not at all.

Black hair like silk in a braid reaching her calf, even slightly taller than the body, wearing pink surrounding her body. Maybe now full in front of the chest, but her waist was thin enough for other girls to be jealous. Long legs in white pants, although not old, and her face seemed babish, but round raised bottom was good taste..

Her eyes were watery and her face were still a lit round, beautiful and cute. The boy was almost unnoticeable next to her.

The girl lifted her hand and wiped sweat of her forehead, complained, “finally reach this Sutow city. I dont know what DaMaster was thinking. Quite a few middle school would accept us without conditions already, but he still wanted you to test to get in this school without a level even. ”

The boy smiled, “My teacher asked me to test, did not ask you. Who asked you to follow here. It is lucky the kingdom was right next to Fasinuo Province, or else you would complain more. ”

The girl looked at the boy with the white part of her eye, “you heartless thing, I am for you. You are my elder brother, since the test was not until the day after tomorrow. You have to play with  me for two days here first to compensate the hurt cost to my little easy to hurt heart. ”

The boy could not help but laughing, “Bossess for the school for six years, you claim your little easy to hurt heart? Would your minions all jumped down in the river if they hear this?”

The boy and girl of course are Tang San and Xiao Wu.

Five years passed, and they graduated without trouble. The school was going to recommend them to go to the middle school based on their talent. A few famous ones also sent their admission and they had a lot of choices.

But Da Master asked Tang San to refuse all invitations to come to take the test to get into Shrek School in this city.

Six years of teaching made Da Master like a dad. He knew it was only good for him to listen, so he came.

Six years also made Tang San and Xiao Wu true siblings. Tang San chose here, Xiao Wu followed.
Before leaving the school, Da Master told Tang San, he was going to the capital and then would meet them here.
Tang San lived a full six years, going to school, doing part-time job, practice. He did not look that thin any more. He looked stronger after working as a blacksmith all the time, muscles hidden underneath the clothes.

Xiao Wu said, “i dont care, are you going to take me to play or not”

Tang San laughed, “i will listen to you. But aren’t you tired after so long a road, shouldn’t we find a place to stay. we also should have lunch. ”

Xiao Wu said, “fine”. Tang San never said anything against him. After they agreed to be siblings, Tang San always took care of her although he was busy. Xiao Wu liked that feeling.

The city was busy. On the street there were soldiers on patrol and lots of people passing around.

They first ate something simple and began to look for place to stay. Before long, Xiao Wu find a peculiar hotel.

The hotel had three floor, although not big, but everything was rosy red. The hotel looked like a giant rose and stood out.

“Rose Hotel, Xiao San, we will stay here” Xiao Wu pointed.

Tang San shook his shoulder, “ok”. Working for a long time and with allowance, Tang San had some savings. Xiao Wu did not care about money and spent them at will, in case she was out, she gave all the money to Tang San, so he could control her.

The hotel smelled rose inside, and the smell brought some dubious feeling and gave people comfort.

The hotel was only decorated with three colors, white, silver, and rosy red. Cosy and graceful environment made people feel good.

Tang San walked to the counter, “Please give us two rooms. ”

The waiter walked over, looked at Tang San, and looked at Xiao Wu, he looked a bit jealous, “Sir, are you sure you want two rooms?”

Tang San nodded, “what is wrong?”

The waiter looked dubious, “sorry, we only have one room now.”

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