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Evil-eyed White Tiger Dai Mubai (3)

January 5, 2013

“One?” Tang San frowned. He had lived two lives. Although he was sleeping with Xiao Wu when they were kids, now they were growing up. He knew as a guy he could not touch a girl.

The waiter said, “Yes, only one, but our rooms were huge and had all kinds of facilities, big enough for two.” and then he looked at Tang San, blinking his eyes. But Tang San could not understand.

Xiao Wu said, “One is fine, didn’t we always live in the same dorm? I can save more money for beautiful clothes.”

Tang San shook his head. He was not a stubborn guy, it would be ok if he slept on the ground. He normally practiced during the night, which was the best sleeping.

“Ok, I will take it.”
While the waiter was checking Tang San in, he was interrupted by a voice.

“I say, that room is mine right?”

Tang San and Xiao Wu turned and looked, and saw three people behind them, walking towards the counter.

Two guys and a girl. Two girls wore florally, seemed seventeen or eighteen, very tall. Surprisingly, they looked the same, apparently twins.

But, Tang San was not looking at the two beauties. The guy in the middle attracted his attention.

He was around 180cm, half a head taller than him, not that old, probably younger than the two girls, broad shoulder, handsome and look determined, golden hair all the way down to waist, straight.

The focus were his eyes. Those were evil eyes, there were two pupils in each of the. His eyesight was cold, cold from the deep heart. After being stared by his evil eyes, felt like cut by sharp knives.

Handsome guy with such a pair of eyes, could be the focus of everywhere.

He is strong, that is the first though of Tang San.

The twins were holding his arms, he did not look at Tang San, glanced at Xiao Wu, looked strange, just a blink of time.

Walking towards the counter, looking at the waiter, the youth said, “You must be new, dont know there is always a room reserved for me?”

The waiter was taken aback, “you are?”

The bipupiled guy said without patience, “Call your manager out.”

The waiter looked at him and felt cold from the heart and ran back to find his boss.

Tang San said, “this brother, it seems that we are here first.”

The guy did not even turn, and said coldly, “So?” he did not have the habit to explain to others.

Tang San had a good temper but Xiao Wu was not so easy. She walked in front of Tang San, “Not so, just ask you to f**k off. ”

The double-pupiled guy finally turned around, and the cold and evil eyesight fell on Xiao Wu, nodded, “good, it has been too long for somebody to talk like that. It seemed you also had soul force, soul master, aren’t you? You can fight together with me, if you win, I will leave, or else, you have to demonstrate how to f**k off.”

Hearing him, the twins started to laugh stupidly, but not worried at all. They took back the hands holding his arms, and stepped aside.

At this time, the waiter had brought back a middle-aged man, and apparently heard the conversation, he looked worried, “Let us talk, talk, please do not fight here”

The double-pupiled guy glanced him once, “Manager Wang, you seemed to be better and better at the business, aren’t you?”

Manager Wang wiped his sweat, and smiled, “Young master Dai, please dont say that, it is all his fault, he just came yesterday, did not know the rules, sorry, sorry, I will immediately get you a room. ”

Then, he turned to Tang San and Xiao Wu and looked deeply sorry, “Sorry, two guests, that room was reserved by young master Dai, please choose some other hotel.”

According to Tang San, giving away was no big deal. There were so many hotels, and he did not care to change another. Xiao Wu was the type of persons that always afraid the world was not in a chaos, was hard to deal with.

“We are not going away, so what? Things that looked down on us, think we are young and easy to push around?”

Young master Dai said, “Huh, now you can not give them away, you scold me and want to leave like that?”

“young master Dai, you…” Manager Wang was anxious and looked at him with begging face.

Young master Dai looked sharply at him, “shut up, I will pay for the broken”

Xiao Wu had been the Bossess in the school for a long time, and could not bear him and more and wanted to fight already.

Tang San patted on Xiao Wu’s shoulder, “Let me”

Xiao Wu was not satisfied, “Why, I will do it myself. I will beat him up so that his mother does not know who he is.”

Tang San frowned, “you girl, speak cleaner, forget what we say, I will always protect you. this is man’s business.”

He did not let Xiao Wu fight, one because he felt opponent’s strong, and afraid of Xiao Wu was hurt, on the other hand, if he was defeated, he’d rather be insulted by them, and would not let them insult Xiao Wu.

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