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Evil-eyed White Tiger Dai Mubai (4)

January 6, 2013

After hearing “I will always protect you”, Xiao Wu looked less angry and said, “Ok, be careful, you.” “No need to compete, I have said, you guys can come together” Young master Dai said without patience. Tang San took two steps up, “Please advise”. Evil light shone in young master Dai’s eyes, his right fist lifted up in a instant, with a rush, he was hitting Tang San on the chest. His movement was simple, no tricks, but Tang San’s face changed color, because his opponent’s fist reached the peak in momentum with the force and speed and he could not have done that without lots of experience in fighting. At this time Tang San could not recede. If he receded, his opponent’s momentum would inflate, and made this fist even stronger. So, he did not recede, instead he stepped up. One stride of three meters suddenly reduced the distance between him and the opponent. His goal was clear: he wanted to break the rhythm of the attack. Tang San’s hand changed into jade white and also waved out his right fist. Peng, young master Dai’s body stopped rushing forward, but Tang San stepped back four or five steps uncontrollably before he stabled himself. Young master Dai looked surprise, apparently he did not think this youth a few years younger than him can withstand his fist. The most surprising was Tang San’s fist. He definitely had the upper hand in the attack force, but his hand was as hurtful as broken. It seemed Tang San’s fist was as hard as iron. Tang San was also surprised. His fist was filled with his Qi and he was way stronger than people of his age because of the blacksmith work. With jade hand’s help, he still lost. His opponent’s force was strong like steel and focused, it seemed all the force was focused at fist size, the shaking force exploded caused Tang San’s chest blood almost to burst. “Good, can withstand one of my fists, you are qualified to be my opponent”. Young master Dai yelled and came again. This time his attack was not simple. The whole person jumped from the ground, on top of Tang San in an instant. All his limbs were stretched, it seemed that he had weak points all over himself. But all his limbs were moving slightly, as if he had a lot of tricks hiding afterward. Tang San started to look very serious, two knees bending, the tip of the feet facing inside a bit, calves producing force. His left arm made a circle towards his chest, his right arm pushed out, forming a strange pose. Young master Dai was using his special move, no matter how the opponent blocked or attacked back, he had lots of ways to deal with. The movement seemed full of tricks actually contained complicated ways to attack, all limbs could be sharp weapons. Just as he was to start his attack, suddenly, a force came from downside. The force was very sticky, not much impulse, but full of tenacity. Young master Dai could not borrow fore in the air, and felt his body was taken away from the original orbit by that force and fell aside. All the attacks of course lost target. What kind of force was that? Young master Dai felt surprised. But he was very familiar with fighting, his waist turned in the sky and the body made a circle and he fell on the ground steadily. Just at this time, Tang San started to attack. It was great timing, was just at the time when Dai’s feet reached the ground. It was the hardest time for him to started a force. Tang San used his ghosty steps, with three fragmentary steps, he was on the side of Dai, and pushed two palms forward, towards Dai’s two shoulders. Dai’s evil eyes shone. It seemed all four pupils lighted up. He breathed out and stepped backward and pushed his fists. His fists reached out late but arrived first, hitting on the elbow of Tang San. There was noise because of the movement of the fist and we could all imagine how much force was in those two fists. As two fists hitting out, Dai’s right leg bounced up, kicking directly to Tang San’s chin at this short distance, very flexible. Either his fists or his right leg reached Tang San would cause Tang San to lose the ability to fight. However, Tang San would not make his wish become true. This was Tang San’s attack. Although his palms lost target as Dai moved backward, Tang San did not take aback his hands but he wipe down with both palms. The mystical force Dai felt before showed up again, and his arms were moved aside and of course the fists could not hit the target. As he wiped his hands, Tang San stepped up with left foot and leaned on one side, his shoulder hitting Dai’s chest. As he turned aside, he was safe from the foot, as if it was calculated. This time, Dai had only one foot on ground and could not dodge away. his attacks were over because of the strange force, so he was at a disadvantage. Peng, Tang San’s shoulder knocked onto Dai’s chest. In the yelling of the twins, Dai’s body suddenly flew back, with upper body leaned back, with a back flip, he fell after five meters. Tang San did not continue attacking, but looked at Dai falling on the ground quietly. he knew he did not win much from the touch of Dai’s chest.

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