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Evil-eyed White Tiger Dai Mubai (5)

January 6, 2013

At the instant he knocked on, Dai’s chest muscle suddenly became as hard as iron. Although he managed to knock Dai away, he also felt hurt on his shoulder.

Dai’s expression looked ugly. he had to agree he thought too low of the opponent. The boy much younger than him was stronger than he imagined.

“Continue?” Tang San asked.
Dai said, “Of course, very good, you could force me to use soul force, so I lost this competition. However, i would feel bad if we did not compete thoroughly. No matter what happened later, I would give away this room.  ”

Dai di not look angry or hateful, but something strange, if it had to be put into words, it was like a hunter seeing a game. Hie eyesight was as if he saw a beauty, his shoulders shaking slightly, two arms raised up.

Tang San’s eyes lighted up, and he found Dai different. If he was cold and did not care now he was full of willingness to fight.

“White tiger, attach” A strong pale white light came out of his body. Dai’s two arms stretched two the side, chest up, noises all over his bones, muscles expanded and filled the clothes. All the muscles were clear underneath the clothes, even the air around him seemed to become crazy and impatient.

His blond hair became black and white, most of them white but the black hair became more apparent that way. Three horizontal and one vertical lines showed on his forehead, just like the character king in chinese.

The biggest changes were on his two hands, which became at least twice as big. White hair covered the hands. Ten fingers became sharp claws, each as sharp as knives, eight inches long, and shone a cold light.

Dai leaned forward, two eyes, four pupils became dark blue, and looked as if a killing machine.

Underneath his feet, three shining rings rose up, two yellow and a purple. As they went around, huge amount of soul force pressed on.

“thousand year soul ring” Xiao Wu yelled and looked anxious and wanted to fight with Tang San but was stopped by Tang San.

Out of the soul rings, white was ten year, yellow was hundred year, purple was thousand year. This Dai already had three soul rings, out of which one was thousand year. He was only three or four years older than Tang San and Xiao Wu.

Three soul rings meant Dai was at least level thirty, and meant he was soul respect, actually a fighting soul respect with strong monster martial soul.
“Dai Mubai, martial soul: white tiger. level thirty seven fighting soul respect, please advice” Dai announced his martial soul and level, which meant asking for a formal challenge.
Under the strong pressure, Tang San became different, violence hidden in his heart floated up. His eyes in purple, raised up his right hand.

Dark blue light came out, a bunch of dark blue grass grew out of his palm. Each of the leaf seemed to be thin, but had snake’s veins on it. The leaf was not flat any more, but became cylindrical. If observed carefully, each of the leaf was covered by small needles.

Milky white light came out of Tang San, the dark blue grass seemed to be stimulated and became large, suddenly as thick as human’s arms, like vines. The black snake mark started to shine. The whole thing looked as if tens of snakes surrounding Tang San.

Two yellow soul rings came up from Tang San’s feet, and moving around his body.

“Tang San, martial sou, blue silver grass, level twenty-nine tool da soul master, Please advice. ”

Dai Mubai raised his brows, “Your martial soul is just blue silver grass?”

Tang San quoted Da Master, “There was no wasted martial soul, only wasted soul master. ”

Dai Mubai was the second strongest soul master Tang San had met. The other one was the president of the beginner’s school, who were invited by Da Master to help him to get the second soul ring showed level forty two great soul master. But that president was already over fifty, but Dai was only sixteen or seventeen.

No wonder he could not win with his force, Qi and jade hand. This was the absolute difference between soul force.

This was the strongest opponent Tang San had ever faced. Tang San was clear about the difference a soul ring can cause, especially the third soul ring was thousand year, the skill and property it could give was far better than his two rings. Tang San could not know he could win or not at all, maybe he had to use his most hidden force to fight against.

“Nice saying, no wasted martial soul, only wasted soul master, let me take a look the specialty of your blue silver grass martial soul. ”

Dai Mubai moved. With martial soul attached to his body, he changed to a different person. His white hair just flew up, he already reached Tang San with his exploding body.

All the sharp claws flung at Tang San’s body.

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