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Evil-eyed White Tiger Dai Mubai (6)

January 6, 2013

Tang San moved backward without thinking, with the ghosty steps and avoided Dai’s attack. Same time, the blue silver grass martial soul moved quickly. Circles of blue black colored thick vines coming out and going after Dai’s body while Tang San himself, seemed to be hidden in the vines and disappeared.

Dai’s evil eyes shone light and covered with big soul force all over the body. Waving his hands, he managed to drive away the vines close to him.

He was planning to cut through the vines made of blue silver grass, but he was surprised to discover that these wines were very strong, with level thirty-seven soul force, his tiger’s claws could only cut half way through, not cut them off. And they would recover immediately when they got away from the tiger’s claws.

The aroma of tea spread out within the vines. There seemed to be no end to these vines, coming out from all directions. Although Dai’s force, speed were greatly improved by the martial soul, he could not get out of the area of the vines.

Is this blue silver grass? Dai was very surprised and thought. He had never thought blue silver grass could be this strong. The opponent had one fewer soul ring than him and the blue silver grass could still halt him for a moment. If he did have the same number of soul rings with myself, it would be hard to tell who would be the winner.

Dai was never a patient person, but he liked to win. Blinding white light suddenly brightened, Dai’s evil eyes suddenly became white. The first soul ring of his shone, and formed a white cover, and stopped the vines from touching him.

Immediately after that, his second soul ring lit up, huge white light focused, with a roar of tiger, a milky white light ball came out of his mouth.

Dai’s two skills given by the soul rings were white tiger protection shield and white tiger strong light wave, now used together, immediately showed their horrible power.

From outside, Dai’s body was trapped by huge vines, as Xiao Wu started to breathe easier, suddenly, uncountable white light rays came out of the leaks of the vines and followed by an explosion

The vines formed by blue silver grass, and the knocking wave destroyed everything in the rose hotel.

Martial soul and host were one thing. Tang San immediately look pale and can only stable himself after stepping back.

White light fell back and showed Dai’s majestic body. The broken blue silver grass started to form again around Tang San but the number greatly reduced.

“Tang San, the attack force of monster martial soul was always stronger than too martial soul. The power of your blue silver grass was beyond my expectation, but could not trap me. ”

Tang San smiled, “That is not for sure”. Suddenly, Tang San’s second soul ring lit up and Dai’s body became hard. A layer of thin vines suddenly appeared around his body, as Tang San’s second soul ring lit up. They started to grow and wrap Dai up.

The needles on the vines were only inch long, but as it continued to tighten up, it brought pain to Dai all over. Dai started to feel his body numb.

A long time ago, before Tang San reached level twenty, Da Master already thought about what soul monster it should be for his second soul ring.

Tang San’s second soul ring came from a plant soul monster called ghosty vine. The year limit for the second soul ring was seven hundred sixty-four. Tang San’s soul ring was from a ghosty vine more than six hundred years.

Ghosty vine was some horrible plant soul monster. It had very strong neural poison. As long as you were pricked by the needles on it, the poison would start to spread, until you turned to pus, what ghosty vine lived on. Moreover, the more fearsome thing was its parasitic ability. As it attacked, it would spread uncountable tiny seeds, and the seeds would attach themselves on their foes. As long as the ghosty vine could provide enough energy, or these seeds could absorb enough, they would grow on top of the host. The neural poison would spread out and the result would be the same.

In order to get this six hundred year ghosty vine soul ring, even for the president of Notting School, the level forty-two tool great soul master, it was painstaking. He made use of his own martial soul that could overcome it and eventually subdued it. Of course, Tang San took the final shot to kill it.

After obtaining the ghosty vine soul ring, Tang San was improved in every way by a lot. The blue silver grass was stronger and changed its look into the ghosty vine, only kept the color and mark. Its poison also evolved into the neural poison, the effect was amplified. Even the smell in the air could produce some results.

The skill brought by the ghosty vine soul ring, was to parasite.

After giving soul force, the parasite ability of the blue silver grass was even superior to the plant itself. With the support of the soul force the seeds could grown in a sudden and entangle the foe immediately. It was hard to prevent, and it was a very sinister control ability.

The strength of the double ring blue silver grass was not breakable by thirty-three level Dai’s white tiger blade. He still looked down upon Tang San and his blue silver grass and fell in the trap.

Looking at the surprised Dai, Tang San said, “My blue silver grass was poisonous, you probably already got some before, and used soul force to attack to break my entanglement, which accelerated the movement of your blood, which made the poison more effective. Although you did not feel a thing your skin was numb and could not feel the seeds parasitizing on you. So you are lost”

Dai looked at Tang San. Excepted his head, all his body was covered by blue silver grass, he looked vicious, and said, “Good, great silver grass. If I was like you, only had two soul rings, I would be lost. My body was numb and could not get rid of the blue silver grass. However, I did have one more soul ring than you, so I will have to let you take a look at my skill from the third soul ring. ”

The purple ring lit up and the air became distorted around Dai. His evil eyes became bloody red and all the blue silver grass suddenly expanded and in a loud noise, all the blue silver grass trapping him including the seeds was exploded into powders.

Dai’s body changed a second time.

Tang San breathed in a breath of cold air, “Is this the skill of a thousand year soul ring?”


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