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Skill of thousand year’s soul ring – White tiger’s King kong change (3)

January 6, 2013

Rose Hotel’s decoration made people feel good. The color was simple matched, also the rose smell made people relax.

Tang San found red sea on the top floor. There were only a few rooms on the top rooms, named blue enchantress, pink romance, yellow truth, white innocent, green departure, the most inside is red sea. Later he learned they were all colors of roses.
The door’s color matched the name. Outside the red door, there were dark red crystal roses. The door’s board red red sea, love’s sea.

Although Tang San was dull, he felt strange and turned to look at Xiao Wu and found she was looking at him, said embarrassed, “This hotel isn’t just for lovers, is it?”

Xiao Wu blinked and got the key from Tang San, “whatever, it is some place to stay” and then walked in the door.

Tang San walked in after Xiao Wu but Xiao Wu suddenly stopped. His body was bounced by her soft body and was blocked.

“why stop?” Tang San stepped back and made the distance between them larger. Actually he found the answer after asking the question.

Although prepared, when he saw everything in the room first, he was still shocked. The room was huge, the living room was more than 50 square meters. Everything was silver colored, and engraved with beautiful carvings. Red carpets were engraved roses. The most surprising thing was in the middle of the room a giant heart made by roses .

The heart was two square meter large, had to be made of thousands o roses. A ribbon on it with a line of words, 1001, you are my only one.

Besides 1001 roses, everywhere there was graceful vase, roses in every one of them. Roses smell was everywhere.

Tang San smiled bitterly, “I guessed right. No wonder Dai brought girls here. Xiao Wu, if you dont like the smell, I will ask waiter to take them away. ”

Xiao Wu came back from the shock and rolled her eyes, “Ge, are you silly? are there any girls do not like roses? You are silly as such, how can you find a wife later?”

Tang San touched his nose, “I am only twelve.. that is too early.”

Xiao Wu walked up and picked a rose and smell, “This room is beautiful. I find I like this place, Ge, let’s come here often, shall we’

Tang San frowned, ‘what are you talking about, we are siblings, why do we come here, ok, travel is tiring, let us rest. ‘

Looking at Tang San walking towards the bedroom, Xiao Wu stuck her tongue out cutely and followed him.

They were shocked again in the bedroom. There was one bed in the bedroom, as expected. The giant bed occupied half the area and was heart shaped. pink curtains fell from ceiling and covered the space above the bed.

Rose colored blanket, rose marked pillow, everything was so dubious and made people blood travel fast.

Tang San turned and said to Xiao Wu, ‘I find it is really a mistake to listen to you to come here. You rest here, I will go to the sofa outside’.

Xiao Wu would not stop Tang San and yelled and jumped onto the flexible heart shaped bed and jumped around and could not be more excited.

Tang San smiled saying her like that. Little girl is little girl. He closed the bedroom door and sat on the sofa outside and started practice.

Although Tang San lived boring life these years, he had the good habit. Not only more strength, he became calmer. Although twelve year old, he acted like an adult. But, in Xiao Wu’s description, that was called wither before getting old.

Qi flowed in his body, Tang San began to review the fight in the day. Repeating the fight and learning from the gain and lost was the important part of becoming a fighting soul master taught by Da Master. He had only Xiao Wu to practice with normally, this time with another opponent, one stronger than him. He gained a lot fighting experience from the short fight.

There are all kinds of martial soul, it was important to fight with opponents with all kinds of martial soul.

The memory came to when Dai used his white tiger king kong change, Tang San thought, I do not know how much attack this will increase, but after the defense goes up, the golden light around him should be like the protection Qi. There were a few dark weapons he had to break through protection Qi, but he did not if it would be useful.

Blue silver grass was not Tang San’s best weapon. Dark weapons were. In this few years, as his Qi improved, he was better with dark weapons. In the book of dark weapons, he could use quite a few. But he followed the treasure book, he would not use it until it was very dangerous. This was his secret, even Xiao Wu only knew a bit.

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