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Skill of thousand year’s soul ring – White tiger’s King kong change (1)

January 6, 2013

When Dai was trapped by Tang San’s martial soul blue silver grass, he finally used his skill from the third soul ring.

At this time, Dai changed his appearance again, the majestic body after white tiger attached expanded again. The muscles stood out exaggeratedly. The clothes on top was broken and the horrible muscles were revealed. The most strange thing was the black marks on his skin, if not because he did not have fur, it looked like tiger’s skin.

The tiger palms were enlarged as well, the blades on them became shiny silver color. He was covered in strong golden light, as if he was golden plated. The bloody red eyes seemed bloodthirsty. The whole body carried the domineering of the king of the monsters.

Although Tang san did not know what this change represented, as it was the third soul ring, also a thousand year soul ring’s skill. The effect must be abnormal.

Xiao Wu released her soul rings as soon as she felt the danger, same with Tang San, two yellow soul rings appeared to be on her. The pair of white ears stood up, everything of her look soft.

When monster martial soul was attached to body, different martial souls had different effect. Dai’s white tiger attached would make him more mighty and overbearing. Xiao Wu’s bunny martial soul attached, brought her softer curves and her legs became longer, closer to the property of bunnies.

Even Tang San had no idea what kind of soul ring Xiao Wu had. During the vacation time of the third year, Tang San got his second soul ring with help. Xiao Wu went back home and she had the second soul ring, a hundred year soul ring when she came back.

Blue black blue silver grass came out of Tang San’s body, which did not have to come out of his palms. The vines with needles came to air to block Dai’s eyesight, and tried to entangle his limbs and necks. Supported by Tang San’s soul force, also his Qi, he used the entangle skill to a limit.

As he attacked, he dragged Xiao Wu and shook his head.

The fights between guys could not be interrupted by others, or else would be despised by the opponent. Tang San was mentally way more than twelve and knew that. Moreover, he felt the overbearing and coldness from Dai, but not the feeling of enemy.

As Tang San dragged Xiao Wu, his pupil shrank and he yelled.

Ten silver lights crossed in the air, the blue silver grass flew to entangle stopped in the middle of air, then all the blue silver grass became powder and disappeared in the air. Dai’s majestic body walked towards Tang San, the blades on tiger’s claws came out to impose the pressure.

“Your blue silver grass is great, stronger than expected. Even with my normal soul force, I could not break them with one attack, but now I am using my skill from the third soul ring, white tiger’s King Kong change. it took me a lot troubles to obtain this soul ring to kill a thousand year King Kong tiger. it increased my force, attack, defense a lot, and gave me this skill.”

Dai’s steps stopped when he was ten meters away and stopped attacking.

“My white tiger’s King Kong change can sustain for half an hour, within this half hour, I could withstand more debuff and my attack, defense, force will increase by 100%. With my level thirty-seven soul force, with this amplifying, your poison could not hurt me, even if your soul skills cool, the effect of the control martial soul good, but still could not beat me, this is the absolute difference between forces. ”
Dai’s evil eyes blinked red, and then his muscles shrank and the white tiger attaching effect disappeared and went back to normal.

Now Dai looked funny, none of clothes on him was good. Both shirts and pants were broken. The blue silver grass with needles entangled him and broke multi parts of his clothes.

Dai looked at Tang San and Xiao Wu, “I think, we will meet again soon. After you get to Shrek School, if anybody tries to bring trouble to you, give them my name, evil eyed white tiger Dai Mubai. ”

After saying that, he waved to the twins and walked outside the hotel.

Xiao Wu could not help and said, “How did you know we are going to Shrek School”

Dai Mubai stopped, and said coldly, “You are just around twelve right? with this age and more than level twenty soul force, at this time, what would you be doing if not going to test at Shrek School. Twelve, haha, twelve. I am already fifteen. Tang San, i will wait for you at Shrek School.”

As he finished, he walked out as well.

Xiao Wu was unconvinced by his strength, and said, “This person was weird, i dont think he is good. Xiao San, even if we got to Shrek School, I dont want to interact with him again.”

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