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Skill of thousand year’s soul ring – White tiger’s King kong change (2)

January 6, 2013

Tang San smiled, “Why? I think he is not bad, although cold on the surface, he seemed to be straight forward.”

Xiao Wu said angrily, “Not bad, I see he cannot be worse. You say, what he is doing coming to the hotel with two girls? he cant be a good guy doing this in the day time. what evil-eyed white tiger, I think he is just a lusty tiger. ”

Tang San frowned, “Xiao Wu, I find you know more and more.”

Xiao Wu did not see the complaint in Tang San’s eyes and said with pride, “Of course, I was the Bossess in the school”

Tang San shook his head, “I do not comment on Dai’s private habit, but from the fight just now, he was not bad in all respects. He was stronger than us and did not beat us up for that. He gave the room to us and seemed wanting to take care of us in the school.”

Xiao Wu said confused, “Oh, when he said something we are twelve, he is fifteen and he said he lost already before. What did he mean?”

Tang San said, “He said he lost before he used martial soul because I won him in skills and although because of our age. After we both used martial soul and he repeated his words, and emphasized the age difference. If I did not guess wrong, he was not as strong as us now when he was twelve so he said he lost. My teacher had said, every single year before twenty years were very important for the talented soul masters, one year’s different would make a lot in the cultivation. We are three years younger than him, but strength difference was not that different. So he thought he lost, that was where showed he liked to win. ”

Xiao Wu took back her change and said, “Ge, if he did defeat you, would we be really f**king off?” She still did not forget what Dai said at first arrogantly.

Tang San said, “Even for that , it was just me, that was why i would not let you fight. he said right, a soul ring’s difference will make the difference in strength a lot. The soul force, the property given by the soul ring or the skill of the thousand year soul ring, was way beyond us. After he used the white tiger’s king kong change, even us together may not defeat him. Can I see you f**king off. if he insisted on that, I would have to fight with life. I was not as strong as him, but if fighting for death, I have 70% confidence to bring him dead with me. ”

After saying that, Tang San walked behind the counter. it was good that the fight did not last that long and he did not attack with the full force at the end. Or else, this rose hotel would lose more than just a few decorations in the lobby.

Xiao Wu looked at Tang San walking, lowered her head, and murmured, “Fight to death, for the pride. ”

Manager Wang stuck his head out from the counter and saw Tang San walked over and smiled, “Young man, you are strong. even young master dai would want to give away his room. Good that you were not hurt, or else we do not know what to report”

Tang San looked at the destroyed lobby, and smiled bitterly, “Manager, how much to repair this?”

Manager Wang shook his head, “No, nothing to do with you, young master Dai said counted on him. He is the VIP here, we could just put on his account. I am sorry for what we did before, and delayed you two and almost hurt you too. The next three days are on the house. If you are going stay here less than three days, no charge. ”

And he gave a golden key to Tang San.

Tang San was taken aback, he did not say anything about the broken thing, Dai was apparently rich. But he was ashamed about the rent exempt, after all, he did damage their lobby.

“I am ashamed, we should pay as usual. ”

Manager Wang shook his head quickly, “No, no we already brought big trouble to you two. As long as you came often, that would be the biggest help. Your room was on the top, with the board red sea. ”

Tang San could do nothing but nodded, “Thanks a lot then.”

He felt tired after the fight and walked upstairs with Xiao Wu.

He definitely needed rest because of the travel, fight ,and also because Dai destroyed his blue silver grass several times.

Seeing them going up, Manager Wang was released, “problem solved finally”

and turned to the innocent waiter and sighed, “my fault, forgot to tell you, the other rooms were find, but you should not rent red sea to other people, that belonged to young master dai for long time. ”

the waiter said, “manager, our red sea costs ten gold coins every day, you let those two kids live for free? The young today was really open, only twelve or thirteen and…”

“shut up, remember that trouble came out of mouth” manager Wang was slightly angry, “How noble soul masters are. Have you not seen the two kids already have two soul rings? Young at this age already da soul master, the future of them is unpredictable. Maybe they belong to some large family. We can not bring trouble to.”

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