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Skill of thousand year’s soul ring – White tiger’s King kong change (4)

January 6, 2013

Tang San’s practice this time lasted a long time, only stopped to eat a bit dinner. He was more diligent because he was almost getting level 30 so he can go to look for his third soul ring.

Also he was alerted by the fight with Dai, which reminded him even good skills needed strength as background. At first, he can rely on the dragon fetching skill and jade hand to teach Dai a lesson, but after they both used martial soul, his dragon fetching skill would not matter much because the difference in strength.

After carefully analyze the strength of Dai, Tang San found if he wanted to beat him, the best way was to increase his soul force, so that his soul force would get close to Dai, at least to get a third soul ring. Even the dark weapons would be stronger with higher level Qi to support.

“Ge, let’s go out and play, good?Always staying at home, aren’t you bored” Xiao Wu used the breakfast time to complain.

Tang San smiled, ‘I am different from you. You are born gifted, even without practicing that much and soul force increases still a lot. I am a stupid bird so i need to fly first. You have seen, Dai is also a student at Shrek School. How strong is he? If there is one this strong, there is probably a second, a third. This Shrek School is different from our old school. It would not be your place. Without improving, how could I fulfill the promise to protect you?’

Xiao Wu pouted and did not say anything but pulled Tang San’s hand, and stared at him sadly. She seemed not to release him unless Tang San went out with her.

Tang San had no way to deal with her and nodded, ‘ ok, tomorrow we are going to register at Shrek School. I can go out with you for a while. but we are coming back at noon and you cannot disturb me in the afternoon any more.’

‘Ok,’ Xiao Wu ‘s voice was filled to joy and the sadness disappeared like magic. Her acting skill was perfect.

Rose Hotel had great service. When Tang San and Xiao Wu walked out, they saw the waiter with a cart of fresh roses and learned that the roses in the red sea was actually changed every day. Although roses were not expensive, but with that amount, the price was still high. Tang San asked the price and found it was very right to agree not to pay the other day.

After getting out the Rose Hotel, Tang San asked Xiao Wu, “where do you want to go?”

Xiao Wu was like it did not matter, ‘just hang around, I dont care where to go, but I dont want to stay in the room. ‘

Before in Notting, she always had a lot of minions, like a Bosses, although the former Boss graduated and went to the middle school, his family was strong in the city and respected her and his family to take care of him. So Xiao Wu’s life in Notting City was like fish in the water.

She was used to crowd and now had only Tang San with her, she was not adapted to

Two people slowly walked in the city. it was only in the morning, but the city already looked prosperous.

The speed of the city was faster than the leisure Notting. All people around seemed to be busy.

There were all kinds of shops, after being dragged into several apparel shops, Tang San almost fainted.

It was lucky that Xiao Wu was just doing window shopping, or else the purse would be soon empty.

The price here in the big city was at least 30% more,especially the tools, of course the quality is better.

“”Uh, Xiao San, look there, ” Xiao Wu was yelling surprised, she would not call him “Ge” in front of others, but Tang San did not care.

“Another close shop? Missy, should not we find a place to eat lunch and go back? ” Tang San pointed the Sun in the sky.

Xiao Wu dragged him and jumped, “Look, that seemed to be related to soul masters.”

Tang San then looked along her fingers, and saw a shop with a different sign.

There was a circle mark on the sign, with special marks. Normal people might not understand them, but Tang San and Xiao Wu knew. That was the same mark as on the writ of the martial soul church. It was a sword, a hammer and a blue-electric T-rex. It was the same as Da Master’s writ, but appeared on this shop.

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