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Skill of thousand year’s soul ring – White tiger’s King kong change (5)

January 6, 2013

‘”Let us go and see” Tang San took Xiao Wu and walked towards the shop.

The door was open, and it seemed dim inside. When two people walked inside, a special energy wave immediately attracted their attention. The energy wave was similar to the martial soul church, but weaker. Tang San learned from Da master and knew it was because it had soul inductors there.

All soul inductors have soul force waves. If nobody used it to bundle with his own sou force, the soul force would leak out.

Most soul inductors could not attack, just simple assistance. Even so, they were rare and antique because the way to make them was lost.

There was only one person in the shop, no counter, some things on three walls, all look old, seemed not worth anything.

The one guy sat on a wooden chair, shaking around with the chair.

He seemed be in his fifties, looked strong. The chair moved around under his weight, making noise.

His face had features. The chin poked front and bones were broad, face flat and had an eagle’s nose. His face looked like the bottom of an shoe, although eyes closed, still made people feel he was cunning. He wore a pair of glasses with black square frame. Looked weird.

Tang San and Xiao Wu’s entering did not wake him, he was still rocking on the chair with calm breath. Xiao Wu looked around, “Xiao San, are these all soul inductors?”

Tang San moved his view from the guy to the things on the wall, and said, “I dont know, except using soul fore to test each, I could not tell with eyes.”. He walked towards the wall and stared at a crystal skull size and focused on it.
The crystal was not that eye-catching, transparent, but seemed to have big patches dark yellow impurity, hanging in front of the door. But this crystal made Tang San’s heart beat faster. He could not believe he could find such a crystal at such a position in such a shop.

Xiao Wu of course noticed Tang San’s change, “Xiao San, why are you looking at this bad crystal. It will be hard to find anything worse than this. It does not shine, and not that transparent, colorless. Purple crystal would be the most precious, you could not want to buy this. ”

It surprised Xiao Wu when Tang San nodded, “I wanted to buy this crystal, but I dont know how much.”
‘cheap, 100 gold coins’. A lazy voice answered. It was not clear but luckily the shop was quiet.

Tang San did not say anything, Xiao Wu turned, ‘this broken crystal, and asked for 100 gold coins, why dont you go robbing?’

The guy opened eyes but still sat on his chair, ‘100 gold coins, is cheapest, if you want, give me money, otherwise leave. ‘ and then closed eyes again.

Xiao Wu was enraged and wanted to argue, but Tang San dragged her, “good, I will take it. ”

Tang San saved some, he did not spend that much and saved all his income. Especially after he became da soul master, he got 10 gold coin allowance from the martial soul church, they had seven hundred gold coins together.

‘Xiao San, are you ok?’ Xiao Wu raised her hand to touch Tang San’s forehead, to make sure he was not having a fever.

Tang San looked at Xiao Wu meaningfully, and then shook, and pulled out a bag of 100 gold coins out of his belt. and handed to the guy.

The guy did not open his eyes, ‘it is not enough’

Tang San said, ‘this is 100 gold coins.’

The guy said, ‘but my crystal is 200 gold coins. ‘

Now Xiao Wu cannot withstand it ,’you are blackmailing, you just said 100, now it became 200, you do not have other customers, do you? Xiao San, we are not buying, we are leaving. ‘

Tang San shook his head, and looked at the guy, ‘ are you sure you will not change?’

The crystal might be useless for others, but for him, it was more important than treasure box. not only 200 coins, if he is asking for 10,000 coins, he would buy it.

The guy said lazily, ‘ok, 500 gold coins, no change, give money you can take it, otherwise leave me.’

From 100 to 200, from 200 to 500, now Tang San lost his patience as well, and put away the bag and said to Xiao Wu, let us go.

Xiao Wu stared at the guy with anger, ‘we should have left early, interacting with cunning people like this was an insult to our intelligence. ‘

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