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Plate crystal gold dragon beard needles (1)

January 7, 2013

It was not like Tang San did not have five hundred gold coins. But Xiao Wu and he are going to test for Shrek School. if they made it, they would need money in all aspects and they did not know what were the tuition. He could not affect their education because of his own reason. After all, they were not tuition exempt students any more.

Tang San sighed and looked at that dirty crystal again, ‘i will have to wait another chance’ and started walking out.

‘if you don’t have eoungh money, i can take you two hundred gold and you can give me the rest slowly, pay me 10 per month is fine, but interest is 10%

Xiao Wu found he did not like that voice at all, ‘stingy merchant, why dont you go to die, this is like sticking hand underneath the coffin to ask for money.’

Xiao Wu was easy to be impetuous, but Tang San was not. After hearing the guy, he was surprised, how did he knew that i was making ten gold per month?

Tang San was certain that the guy did not release any soul force and could not check his soul force, but if he could still guess the level of soul force. This guy was too fearsome.

If Dai gave him the feeling that he was shining all over the body, this stingy merchant was deep and not detectable.

Tang San grabbed Xiao Wu’s shoulder and shook his head and he walked back to the shop, and said, ‘deal’

‘Xiao San’ Xiao Wu yelled with anger, Tang San shook his hand at her and stopped her from talking.

The guy opened his eyes again and saw Tang San in short distance and looked at his belt. ‘where did you get that?’

‘from my teacher, do you know this belt?’

the guy sat on the chair and looked at the belt and eyes shone strange light and did not say anything for a long time.

‘are you going to change the price again?’ Xiao Wu stuck her head out behind Tang San and said with anger.

The guy said, ‘you are his student, take away that crystal then’

Tang San touched the belt and took two bags of gold to the guy, I will give you 10 gold every week.

The guy waved and lied back on the chair, ‘no need, the crystal is a gift, nothing expensive, go away, stop disturbing me sleeping’

Gift? Tang San was taken aback, the guy changed too much, before was asking random prices and now wanted to give it away. Tang San knew that this stingy merchant must knew Da Master.

while Tang San was thinking, Xiao Wu already held the crystal in the chest, ‘Xiao San, let’s go, or else somebody would regret.’

Tang San looked at her, said’ how could we take other people’s thing. this gentlemen, please say a price’

The guy was rocking again on the chair and did not even say a thing and completely ignore him.

Tang San looked at the crystal in Xiao Wu’s chest and looked at the guy again. According to his principle, he would not take it, but this crystal was too important for him. If he missed this time and it was bought by somebody else he would regret the whole life.

He thought a lot, and finally put down the two bags of gold and left the shop. Until they left, the guy opened his eyes again, and the cunning expression disappeared, said, ‘his student comes to Sutow City, at this time, this soul force. It seems that they are going to Shrek School. da Master ah Da Master, now you are not hiding from me any more?’

After getting out of the strange shop, Xiao Wu asked, ‘Xiao San, why do you want this crystal? I have never seen you want something so much, this crystal is so bad, what is the use?’

Tang San took the crystal from Xiao Wu and put it away in his belt quickly, and dragged Xiao Wu back to the hotel.

They did not even eat lunch, Tang San dragged Xiao Wu back. He was very excited and sweat was all over his hands.

Xiao Wu was naughty, but when Tang San became serious, she was also cute and went back.

After closing the door, Tang San put together all the curtains, ‘come, let us go to the bedroom’

Xiao Wu walked in the bedroom with him. He put together the curtains as well and closed the door and looked very excited. he looked very attracted and his face looked red.

Xiao Wu pulled her clothes together unconsciously, and thought ‘is he affected by this hotel and turned into a beast? no, no, he is only twelve, what am i thinking, he is my elder brother, would not think like that. ‘


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