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Plate crystal gold dragon beard needles (2)

January 7, 2013

‘Tang San did not know Xiao Wu’s thought, he put his precious on the bed and touched as if it was the best treasure.

Xiao Wu knew Tang San was not somebody that was impetuous. If he thought this crystal was important, it must have some secret, she squashed down, and waited for the explanation.
‘ the purple crystal is not the most precious crystal’ Tang San said after a long time.

Xiao Wu was curious, ‘so what is?’

Tang San said ‘hair crystal.’

‘hair crystal, what is that?’ Xiao Wu had never heard about it.

it was not surprising. It was not a concept in this world, Tang San brought it from Tang tribe.

In Tang Tribe, besides making pit typed dark weapon, Tang San helped some insiders to make dark weapon and was clear with the research and the special ingredients for dark weapon.

‘Hair crystal, formed by natural crystal under certain conditions influenced by the environment. The crystal would form some gold lines inside. This gold lines is called crystal hair or hair gold, it is like crystal’s hair. No matter what colored crystal, as long as there was one crystal hair, would be more expensive than the best natural crystal. The crystal that has hair is called hair crystal.’

Xiao Wu was impetuous, but also smart, and looked at this big crystal, and said, ‘you are not saying this is hair crystal, i did not see any gold hair, and i never heard about it, even if it is, it is useless if nobody knows, it does not worth your two hundred gold’

Tang San said with a smile, ‘this is not a hair crystal, but a plate crystal, best of the hair crystal.’

Xiao Wu asked’ what is that?’

Tang San explained with patience,’the gold hair in the hair crystal is always chaotic and few, but some long lived hair crystal  has chance to increase the gold hair. when the hair is accumulated enough, they will condense together and formed gold plate, this kind of hair crystal is called plate crystal, because it has lots of gold hair and it formed regular pattern, it is of highest quality’

‘This crystal may look dirty, but look closely, i can find the golden inside, this gold plate is hidden by the impurity of the outside crystal, but i am certain there are at least tens of thousands of gold hair, this is a miracle for a plate crystal that needs to survive hundred thousand years. not only two hundred gold coins, if i have i will pay twenty thousand gold coins for it. it worth that much, I did not want it to sell, but i have special use.’

Tang San did not say this special use, but brought out his forging hammer. His forging hammer was even larger than the normal ones.

‘Xiao Wu. you should dodge away.’ Tang San said.

Xiao Wu stepped aside. Tang San put the plate crystal on the ground, white light came out and went from his hands to the forging hammer, he looked serious and used Qi to the limit.

‘Xiao San, you are..’ Xiao Wu looked him surprisedly, she felt what he was going to do, but did not understand.

Force started from calf and turned the body half a circle, he used the chaotic wind, way of hammer, with all his Qi. The forging hammer was covered by white light and it made noise from the friction with the air, the hammer head fell onto the plate crystal.

Xiao Wu covered her ears.

Peng, the whole hotel was shaking, and the plate crystal was broken into powders underneath the forge hammer.

Just as the plate crystal turned into powders, strange thing happened, uncountable golden points flew out of the plate crystal, and flew in all directions in the bedroom. It seemed the whole room was covered in golden light.

Xiao Wu was scared and used her soul force and pushed the golden points away. Some of them knocked onto the doors and the windows and the bed. The crystal was in powders, but as the gold point fell off, Xiao Wu found the floor and bed was covered by a layer of golden particles. They were uniform size, like the rice, round, and shone golden light. Xiao Wu squeezed one in the hand, and found it was soft but very elastic, she could not caused it to be flat with her soul force.
‘Ge, are these pure gold? but even if they are pure gold, does not worth your 200 gold coins’

Tang San was excited, very excited, first time this excited after he came to this world, even more excited than when he got his first soul ring.

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