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Plate crystal gold dragon beard needles (3)

January 7, 2013

Because, he could finally obtain a dark weapon ranked top ten. Further more, top quality. Even when he was in Tang Clan, nobody could have this quality plate crystal to make this dark weapon.

“Xiao Wu, quick help me took to collect them, no losing any, I will explain to you later.”

As saying, Tang San started, with the help of Qi, he used his dragon fetching skill and  attracted all the gold particles to his palm as he moved his hand around and then put into the belt.

And then, there was a knock on the door.

‘respected guest, excuse me’

Tang San knew it was the effect of his hammer, but he did not destroy the floor.

‘what’s up?’

the waiter said, ‘there was a strange noise in the hotel, respected guest, have you heard it?’

Waiter was order by the manager, that noise did not seem to be caused by mundane people.

Tang San said,’ we did, but did not know what was wrong,’ he had to lie for the his precious.

The waiter did not say more, he could not enter and check without they asked him to.

There were more gold particles than Tang San expected, he checked carefully all corners and did not want to leave one and collected them all. and he estimated he had twenty thousand golden particles.

‘Ge, what is this, that makes you so anxious.’Xiao Wu held the last one in her palm and looked at Tang San.

Tang San took a deep breath after put them all away and picked up that gold particle, ‘ do you still remember the dark weapons. the gold hair in the hair crystal could make an overbearing dark weapon which formed naturally. This plate crystal has these many and makes my collection of this dark weapon, look.’

Opening his palm, he put the gold particle in his palm and used his Qi. The gold particle stretched with the effect of Qi and eventually became a gold line thinner than hair, about three inches long. It was only noticeable because it was gold.

‘so this must be the hair gold’ Xiao Wu said.

Tang San nodded, ‘ that is right, this is hair gold, without protection of the crystal, it would turn into grains, with the help of soul force, it would go back to hair gold. without soul force, it would curl back.’

‘what is that good for?’ Xiao Wu was confused.

Tang San smiled, and applied his Qi again and picked up the gold hair and pricked his finger, and then a droplet of blood came out. ‘gold hair is this thin, so the tip is sharper than the needle, it has better puncture ability, and can be improved by the soul force. The volume is so small, so can you imagine what will happen if it gets in human bodies?’

As he said, Tang San took back his Qi and made the gold hair become grain again and turned his palm and it disappeared.

‘where did it go?’ Xiao Wu was close and could not figure out how Tang San made it disappear.

Tang San smiled and lifted his right hand, and his middle finger stuck out and one thin gold light twinkled and disappeared in the blanket on the bed.

As the gold line entering the bed, the blanket was twisted, and within a blink it raised a bump.

‘ gold hair is very flexible and it will curve up without the support of soul force.’

Xiao Wu suddenly understood, he jumped to the bed and squeezed the bump and found the gold light, and picked it with the nails and applied soul force and picked it out, and it became a gold grain in her palms.

“Uh, if this shoots on a human’

Tang San said,’ it is thinkable, and I am sure,after it enters the body, you can not find the origin, if you want to take it out, you will have to cut all the muscles around it.’

Xiao Wu knew why Tang San wanted this so much, dark weapon like this, not only seen, she had never heard of.

‘Ge, this is too vicious.’ Xiao Wu found her voice was shaking, and the horrible scene formed in her brains what it would look like after it entered human being.

Tang San picked the gold grain up, ‘I call it dragon beard needle, in this world, the evilness of the weapon is not determined by the weapon, but by the people who used it, used right then good, used bad then evil. if it was used to punish bad people, would it not be suitable?’

he did not see, the dragon beard needles was only eighth, and it was not the worst among the needle typed dark weapon. After all, as long as not hitting at the fatal parts, it would not cause death.

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