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Plate crystal gold dragon beard needles (4)

January 9, 2013

In the footnote of A Hundred Dark Weapons, the dragon beard needles are described as follows, specialized in breaking opponent’s protective Qi, need a lot of Qi to initiate, attack opponent when he is not read, bring lots of harm to opponent. It is hard to get the material, and use a lot of Qi, can only be used continuously without lots of Qi to support.

With Tang San’s Qi now, he can only guarantee the attack of the needles within three meters, beyond three meters, the needles will curl up before hitting the opponent without Qi’s support. As the distance increases, the requirement of Qi is higher. It is not that easy to use such an effective dark weapon.

Finally has a dark weapon of top 10, Tang San was confident that within some distance, even Dai Mubai’s white tiger’s king kong change cannot resist the piercing of the dragon beard needles.

Tang San’s nails were not long, but he could hide at least one dragon beard needle in each of the nails. In near fights, that is the fatal attack.

Of course, this was not his most desired dark weapon. All the top three dark weapons needed Qi to reach level seven and above to use, he needed to practice more.

‘Xiao San, do you know what am I thinking?’ Xiao Wu blinked her eyes.


Xiao Wu smiled, ‘ I was thinking if I should get rid of my soul force and learned dark weapons with you. your things are all kinds and it seems to be more fun.’

Tang San did not know what to say, fun? they are weapons to kill. what kind of description is that.

Looked at Tang San’s face, Xiao Wu laughed, ‘Ge, put away your bitter melon face, I was kidding, I dont want to part with my soul force from hard work.’

‘hard work? you?’ Tang San looked at Xiao Wu as if he discovered a new continent.

Xiao Wu was enraged of shame, ‘look what? Am I not working hard? it is just you do not notice. ‘

Looked at her cute face, Tang San laughed out loud, he got the precious plate crystal and had awesome dark weapon, made him really happy.

The next morning, they left the rose hotel and went out of the city from the south gate and walked towards their destination.

Rose Hotel gave Tang San good impression, but it was too expensive. The lobby was already fixed.

Tang San and Xiao Wu did not know about Shrek School. Da Master told Tang San to continue learning, and did not say anything more. But from his expression, Tang San felt this school was related to Da Master somehow.

According to their age, they should go to middle soul master school, but their strength was beyond the middle school, and not far away from graduating from the high level school either. If this Shrek School was only a medium school, was it necessary to come here?

Tang San believed Da Master would not do something useless, if he told him to come, he would have his reason.

‘Xiao San, Do you know where is Shrek School?’ After getting out of the city, they walked all the way south, there were only fields around the road, none of the place looked like a school.

Da Master told Tang San that he would see the school immediately after getting out of the gate.

‘I dont know the specifics, let’s continue south, we will find it. That Dai Mubai is a student there, means the school exists.’

‘Ge’ Xiao Wu complained.

Tang San seemed to understand, ‘you are not kid any more, not that you cannot walk’

Tang San smiled’ I dont care, you are my elder brother’ and then rushed towards TAng San.

Tang San was used to her, and put her on his back.

Xiao Wu was light, and did not cause much burden for Tang San. She had as much soul force of course would not feel tired because of walking, but she still liked Tang San to carry her and pointed around.

Tang San felt warmth in his heart, the warmth belonged to family. The touch of the body felt like heart to heart. He felt his heart was filled up. This proved he was not alone.

Six years had passed, from the time he left the village to learn soul master, Tang San had never seen his father, Tang Hao had left six years, was never back and had no message.

In the night, Tang San thought about his father and felt hurt. Although he lived two lives, he still wanted love from the relatives.

Xiao Wu seemed to fill the role of a relative. Tang San was very nice to Xiao Wu, as if she was her sibling. Before, Tang San’s rest was to look at Xiao Wu, no matter what she was doing.

Her smile, her happiness from the heart had been affecting Tang San’s heart, no matter how boring the practice was, as long as he saw her laugh, his anxiety would go away.


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