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Plate crystal gold dragon beard needles (5)

January 9, 2013

‘’Ge, look at that little village over there, ‘

Tang San looked towards where Xiao Wu was pointing, there was a small village one mile away, with the eyesight of the purple monster eyes, he could see clearly there was about one hundred families there, smaller than the saint soul village. There seemed to be fence around the village, seemed to defend the animals. There seemed to be a lot of people in front of the village. Who knew what was going on there.

Tang San smiled,’ let us go to ask, maybe people from this village would know the way, the soul master’s school should be famous.’

Xiao Wu pointed forward, ‘Ge, accelerate!’

Tang San patted on her butt, and then walked faster towards the village.

When they were nearer, they found it was strange. There were a lot of people in front of the village, most of them were youth like themselves, some of them having their parents with them.

There was a table in front of the village, an old guy in his sixties sitting behind. What shocked Xiao Wu was a very rubbish board on top of the arch of the village, said Shrek School. There was also a green figure, looked like the head of a humanoid. There was also a pin on the old guy, also green, probably represented the school.

‘this cannot be it’ Xiao Wu jumped down from Tang San’s back, and looked at the board, and turned to look at Tang San.

Even the beginner’s school was bigger, and this looked like a normal village. The arch was wood and was not a third of the size of Notting’s school. this was a soul master’s school, really?

‘Ge, did Da Master make a mister? no matter how i look, this does not look like a school, is this a scam?’

Tang San smiled bitterly, ‘we already come, let us take a look’

now there were hundreds of people in front them, most frowning and probably thinking the same thing Xiao Wu was thinking.

A youth and his parents were in front of them, the mother said ‘ what was this? this was so-called soul master school? and claimed that you could become duke for the Empire after you graduated?’

The father was not very sure, ‘this is what the martial soul church people said, it should not be wrong. but this school was really broken.’

The youth said,’Dad, I dont want to study here, lose face. I will go to the Sutow Medium school. After all, I was talented in the beginner’s school.’

The dad frowned, ‘we already came, let us wait longer, maybe it was a test. The real school is not here’

Such dialogues were not rare. Disappointments everywhere.

Tang San did not look at them for long, he looked at the front of the queue and used the Qi to look and listen what was going on there.

The old guy behind the table seemed lazy, wearing plain clothes if said in a nice way, looked like a farmer, even less energetic than old Jack in saint soul village.

Just then, a young boy walked to the table, the gold guy said,’registration fee 10 gold coins, put in that crate.’

The dad with him put 10 gold coins in the crate.

‘Give me one hand.’

The boy gave the old guy a hand. The old guy squeezed his hand, and shook his head, ‘your age was not right, you can go now.’

The boy was taken aback and turned to his dad.

The dad smiled, ‘teacher, my son was just over thirteen year old, could we..?’
The old guy was not patient, ‘do not block people after you, don’t you know the rules in the school? we only take kids under thirteen. no exception. you can go now.

The boy’s dad said, ‘what about our registration fee?’

The old guy said,’no refund after registration’

Even a guy made of mud still have property of earth, the father was angry, ‘you guys are scammers, give us the registration fee, or else we are not leaving, if we know this Shrek School was so broken, we would not come.

The old guy glanced him once, ‘Mubai, somebody wanted their money back, you deal with this.’

A shadow rushed over from around, ‘you can get the registration fee back, if you beat me.’

This is Dai Mubai, because he was sitting and blocked by people, Tang San did not see him. he looked a bit helpless, very different from last time.

Dai said nothing useless, and used his soul force and released two hundred year soul rings and one thousand year soul ring, and produced pressure in the air and looked at the parent and the kid.

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