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The school that only takes monsters (1)

January 9, 2013

Between soul masters, soul rings were always a factor to determine who was the authority. Looking at Dai Mubai’s three soul rings including a thousand year one, the dad’s expression changed, and left quickly with a comment ‘bad luck’
Dai Mubai sat down on the side again, and looked at the other people in the queue with threat. The pressure of three soul rings could not be taken by normal people. Now he did not look like a young master any more, more like a thug.
After this, a third of people left, nobody wanted to throw money away, further, the school did look stinky.

Another boy walked to the old guy with his parents, his mom put in the ten gold coins and the boy gave his hand to the old guy.

the old guy squeezed his hand, and looked at him, ‘twelve year old sharp, release your martial soul, i will take a look’

the boy nodded, light green soul force came out, and a hundred year yellow soul ring came up and down.

It was not week, and a thick and long vine surrounding his body. It was like Tang San’s blue silver grass, but his martial soul was not grass, but some vine, like Tang San’s second soul ring ghosty vine, but no poison.

The old guy shook his head, ‘ not qualified, you can go.’

The parents looked confident and looked stunned after the old guy said their kid did not qualify. The mother asked, ‘ why? my son was among the top in his beginner’s school. did not you see his hundred year soul ring? not that many soul master have hundred year soul ring. ‘

The old guy said, ‘the first soul ring was hundred, but he was a normal person. ‘

The dad frowned, ‘I dont understand you.’
The old guy stood up and said to everybody ,’ you should know the rules if you came to register. coming here without knowing the rules would be just giving the fee away. there is still time to regret, did you know the meaning of Shrek?’

Most people looked confused.

The old guy said, ‘Shrek was a monster, was strange even among the soul monsters. Our school’s meaning is monsters’ school. We only accept monsters, not normal people. older than thirteen year old or not having more than 21 level soul force should not waste time here. ‘

Before, Tang San was disappointed like Xiao Wu, but now he was interested, the school only accept monsters? Another meaning of the monster, was talented.

As saying, the old guy released very strong force, even Tang San and Xiao Wu shivered. Red light coming out of the old guy, a long stick with a lot of thin marks appeared in his right hand. Six soul rings came from underneath the feet, the light became the focus of the whole area.

one white, one yellow, three purple, one black, the farmer like old guy was a soul emperor that had more than sixty level soul force.

level sixty, even in the whole Ballack Kingdom, there were only few soul masters at this level.

The old guy’s long stick fell on the ground, a shake spread around, almost everybody could not help but moving. He waved to the parents in front of him ,’ next’

The soul rings’ light shrank, all the soul force was gone. The old guy became a lazy dude again, as if he never released anything like a soul emperor.
If some parents were angry because of the old guy’s words, now everybody shut up. Who wanted to be on the bad side of a soul emperor with a ten thousand year soul ring.

It is known, a soul emperor was equal to thousands of soldiers in the war.

Nobody looked down upon the school anymore, even a teacher in charge of registration was over level sixty, what about the rest of the teachers of this school?

But most people sighed and took their kids away.

twelve year old to get more than level 20 soul force, was like what the old guy said, it was the level of monsters.

The hundred people long queue had only tens left. The old guy did not seem to care about the number and went back to his work .

The people who remained were of course confident enough to pass this level. The following boys all had more than twenty level soul force, with two soul rings. After collecting ten gold coins, the old guy said they passed the first level and could go in for the next. The parents cannot follow the testers in.

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