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The school that only takes monsters (2)

January 15, 2013

As she looked at the people waiting for registration, Xiao Wu became excited and said to Tang San with a low voice, “The school seemed to be interesting, especially that teacher said they only took monsters not normal people, that was cool”

Tang San smiled, ‘now you would not doubt Da Master, this Shrek School was not normal.’

Since they were moving forward, they could see Dai Mubai behind the old guy. Not only Dai Mubai was in charge of scaring the people who did not follow rules, but also in charge of taking qualified people in the school.

Dai finally saw them, and smiled and nodded. He pointed to the old guy and made a helpless expression, apparently telling them they have to depend on themselves and he could not help.

As they were exchanging expressions, a ‘yi’ noise took Tang San’s eyesight back.

The old guy looked surprised, in front of whom a young girl stood and took her hand back.

She was alone and wore a simple long white dress, medium hair, a bit shorter than Xiao Wu. She was facing away, so Tang San could not see her face, but her skin at the neck was white.

‘May I ask if I pass the first round?’ her voice was soft.

Tang San knew she was a beauty judging by how Dai was looking at her.

The old guy frowned, ‘do your parents know you are here?’

The young girl did not answer him and smiled’ education is for everybody, if i qualified, you dont have reason to refuse me, do you?’

The old guy seemed to hesitate, and then waved towards Dai Mubai,’take her in.’

Dai Mubai took the girl into the school.

The rest of the students passed the first round quickly and it was finally Tang San and Xiao Wu’s turn. At this time, after taking several students in, Dai Mubai came back to sit next to the old guy.

Tang San suddenly realized Dai’s expression changed, he stared at some place behind him, seemed to see something incredible.

Tang San turned around unconsciously,and was shocked.

There was only one student behind them, and seemed to be new, also a girl, seemed to be younger than them. Black hair on the shoulder, face lowered, similar height with the white dressed girl, white skin, but she made people feel different.

She was busted despite her age. Without looking at her face, she would be thought to be an adult, especially the bust, would attract guys eyes.

Her expression was cold, although her body was hot. It was a coldness from the heart.  Her eyes almost looked dead, conflict with her beautiful face. Limbs long and harmony, her hands was down naturally. The low temperature from her body made people hard to adapt.

“register or not, if not, stop standing here.’old guy’s voice dragged Tang San’s thought back. He felt his hand hurt and turned and found out Xiao Wu staring at him with anger.

‘we register together’ Tang San put 20 gold coins in the box and stretched hands out with Xiao Wu.

Old guy squeezed Xiao Wu and nodded, ‘your age is good, ‘ then he squeezed Tang San’s hand, and was surprised.

He squeezed a few more times and looked strange, and raised his head, ‘did you practice some soul skill on your hand.’

The reason he needed to squeeze student’s hand, is because he needed to find out the age from the bones in their hands, nothing can fake that. But Tang San’s hand feel flexible, but he could not feel his bones.

Tang San nodded, ‘yes’

The old guy frowned, ‘raise your calf’

Tang San raised his calf to the table, the old guy squeezed his calf, Tang San felt numb and sour.

The old guy nodded, ‘muscles good, age ok, release your martial souls.’

Tang San and Xiao Wu looked at each other and began to release their soul force.

Bule, red, two colors came out, with the hundred year soul rings.

The bunny ears came out, hair covered Xiao Wu’s hands. she looked even longer, martial soul jade bunny attached.

Tang San’s palm showed the normal blue silver grass, with soul rings coming out, it changed into vines.

The old guy only glanced at Xiao Wu and looked at Tang San, ‘blue silver grass, is it possible to practice this fast with blue silver grass?’

Tang San smiled,’ teacher, dont you only accept monsters, do i count as a monster?’


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