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The school that only takes monsters (3)

January 16, 2013

The old guy smiled unusually, ‘indeed a little monster, Mubai, take them in.’

‘yes.’ Dai Mubai walked up and smiled at Tang San, but he still seemed to look at what was behind Tang San.

Following Dai Mubai, Tang San and Xiao Wu walked into Shrek School, i.e. that village.

Dai said,’ i know you will pass with no problem, and you can probably pass the rest of the tests as well,’ as he was saying, he was still trying to look at the entrance of the school.

Xiao Wu said with anger,’ what are you looking at? Want to bring trouble to girls again?’

Dai Mubai frowned, ‘ you dont understand anything, I felt the feeling on that girl close to me, not just similar, but seemed to support mine. It is very hard to meet a person like that, but if you met one, two people together, the strength would increase a lot. It is called the martial soul merging skill. ‘

Xiao Wu laughed, ‘that is, that girl’s martial soul is a female tiger?’

Dai looked a bit embarrassed, ‘ maybe.’

After entering the village, they could see everything is made of wood. And the architecture was simple and plain.

Not long, they were in the middle of a clearing, surrounded by wooden houses. It was about 500 meter square, in the middle of Shrek School.

The students who passed were in front, the air was shaking irregularly because of the soul force.

Dai pointed to the other students, ‘you would take the second test, the teacher would tell you what to do, I am going to see that girl, if her martial soul could merge with mine, I am going to get her. ‘

After saying that, Dai walked away quickly. Tang San and Xiao Wu queued as he said.

Just at this time, they heard a very soft voice.

‘sausage, sausage, come and look, do not miss Oscar sausage, tasty and cheap, make you full, only 5 copper coins. Eating Oscar sausage will make you pass the entrance test easier.’

Tang San and Xiao Wu turned and looked and found a guy pushing a cart and hawking, there was already other students going there and purchasing.

The guy behind the cart was in simple gray, short hair, a huge beard, a pair of big peach-blossom eyes, was looking at the girls in the queue carefully, of course Xiao Wu. It was hard to believe the soft girly voice belonged to such a guy with such a coarse face.

Tang san asked,’ there was still few people in front, you did not eat that much in the morning, do you want a sausage?’

Xiao Wu said,’smell not bad, let us try.’

Tang San nodded and left Xiao Wu in the queue and walked towards to cart.

When he walked close, he found the seller was as tall as himself. There was a board on the cart, with words ‘Sausage specialty’

The seller saw people coming over and said hospitably, ‘want a sausage, Oscar sausage, taste guaranteed,’

Tang San smiled,’ Da Shu (means uncle), I will take two.’

The seller looked rigid,’what did you call me?’

Tang San was taken aback,’ i call you da shu, is there a problem?’

The seller smiled bitterly, ‘of course there is a problem. big problem, bro, I am only 14, you call me da shu?’

‘uh.. you are only 14?’ Tang San looked surprised at the guy.

The seller said positively, ‘no mistake, I am Oscar, 14 year old. student at Shrek School, you cannot call me da shu because I am a little hairy.’

Tang San was speechless, and thought’ that was not just a little..’

‘are you really 14 year old?’ Tang San asked.

Oscar nodded, ‘ of course, i am student here, you ask everybody, they all know i am 14.’

Tang San thought ‘no wonder the monster school, a 14 year old boy could have that much hair, a monster indeed.’

Oscar picked two sticks and put two 10 cm long sausage and handed to Tang San. They were slowly roasted all the time on the cart before, smelled good.

Tang San handed a silver coin over, ‘academic brother, sorry, I was being impolite.’

Oscar said,’ no problem, just come to my sausage specialty often.’

Tang San said, ‘no problem.’

‘Tang San, what are you doing?’ Dai brought the last student in the registration queue, the one he was staring at for a long time.

Oscar saw Dai Mubai and looked bitter, ‘Dai boss, do you want a sausage?’

‘go to die’ Dai Mubai stared at him ,’ you lose face for the school. I seemed to warn you more than once not to sell sausage in the school. do you want everybody to throw up? Tang San, you cannot eat this sausage.’

Tang San asked confusedly,’why?’

Dai looked strange,’Xiao Ao, you make a new sausage.’

Oscar looked embarrassed, ‘Dai boss, no need, we have been classmates for a long time, you would make my new academic little brother have resentment towards me. ‘


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