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The school that only takes monsters (4)

January 16, 2013

Dai said, ‘ I am just give a warning to Tang San. He is my bro, I would not let you trick him. Be quick, i dont want to fight. ‘

Oscar apparently did not want to fight with Dai, and stretched his right hand, and use his wretched soft voice to say, ‘I have a big sausage.’

yellow light focus in the middle of his palm, two yellow rings rose from his feet, then a sausage same like the ones in Tang San’s hand appeared in the middle of his palm.

‘Uh..’ when Tang San heard, ‘I have a big sausage’ he became stiff. The sentence had other meanings. not to mention what is the quality of the sausage, if it is edible,he did not dare to eat it based on this sentence, especially he wanted to buy Xiao Wu one.

Oscar looked at Tang San’s angry eyesight, and explained’ I dont have a choice, when food type martial soul
is used, it has to match with certain incantation. My sentence was the incantation, not i wanted to yell it. And my sausage’s quality is good. ‘

Tang San put his sausage back on the cart, ‘save your sausage for yourself, Dai, thanks for your warning. ‘

Monster, monster for sure. good that he did not eat that sausage, or else he would lose face.
The cold girl besides Dai looked at Oscar and then walked towards the queue. Oscar shrugged, ‘It is a pity that no one wants my tasty sausage. Ai.’

Dai Mubai stared at him again, ‘be careful, sell the sausage outside the school. Tang San I will take you to pass the test.’

Two people walked back to the queue, Xiao Wu looked at Tang San’s empty hands, ‘where is my sausage?’

Tang San and Dai Mubai looked at each other and could not help but start laughing out loud.

The cold girl said in a low voice,’boring’, but her eyes also looked as if she was smiling.

Xiao Wu was confused by the laughing,’ what is going on? the sausage was not tasty?’

Tang San covered Xiao Wu’s mouth and dragged her over and said in a low voice what happened just now.

Xiao Wu turned red after hearing that,’ you boys are bad, how come there is such weird martial soul.’

Dai Mubai laughed,’ we are the monster school, of course have strange martial souls. But Oscar is even strange in the school. His martial soul cannot attack at all, but it the best among the food-type martial soul. because, he provides meat. but the incantation when he makes his martial soul is really disgusting. The people who know his will never eat the sausage he produces. maybe because of his martial soul, he has more hair than other people, grow such a beard with no shaving for one. so he had a nick name of da sausage uncle. he called himself sausage specialty.’

Now Xiao Wu also laughed, ‘ da sausage uncle, that was funny.’

Dai Mubai pat on Tang San,’ let’s go, I will take you to pass the test, no queue.’

Tang San said, ‘ we should not do that.’

Dai said, ‘no worry, i was doing something special, it is what you deserved.’

The teacher in charge of the second test is also an old guy, he did not see what was for the second test because he went for sausage.

Dai walked to the teacher and said something and pointed to Tang San and Xiao Wu.

The teacher nodded,’ok, you take them to the fourth, admit them if they pass.’

Dai returned back to Tang San and Xiao Wu and took them to the inside of the school but the other students started to complain.

A boy said,’ teacher, what is going on? how come they can go to the fourth round, but we have to pass one by one?’

The old guy said, ‘if your soul force is above lvl 25, then you can go to the fourth round, without wasting time here, but you seemed only have lvl 21, then you have do it in order.’

The boy was confused,’ they have more than lvl25, impossible. we are only twelve, how could they have that high soul foce?’

All students here have more than lvl 21 and younger than thirteen, they would all be talented in their own beginner school, but was ignored here all the time.

Dai said,’ you cannot, dont think other people cannot either, when i come to the school, i have lvl 25, Tang San, show they your soul force’ and threw a white crystal to Tang San.

The testing crystal looked different for different lvl, the white one is for under lvl 30, it would explode if more than lvl 30.

Tang San understood why Dai said this was they deserved to pass this test. Apparently, this test was to test the exact soul force.

Without saying anything, he put in his Qi into the crystal.

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