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The school that only takes monsters (5)

January 16, 2013

instantly, white light came out of Tang San’s hand, the white crystal became as sparkling as diamond. strong light everywhere in the crystal, a sign of almost reaching lvl30.

The teacher in charge smiled knowingly, ‘it seems that Shrek School is getting a good little monster.’

Tang San smiled and gave the crystal to Xiao Wu, he did not wish other people to say bad things about Xiao Wu, of whom he had great confidence.

The same white light shone again, and nobody could say anything, and they also looked at Tang San and Xiao Wu strangely.

lvl 29, 12 years old, are these two even human beings?

The title of monsters did not only appear on Tang San and Xiao Wu.

A crispy voice said, ‘ teacher, i think i can pass the second and the third round without being tested.’

It was the girl registered before them. Now they got to look at her, short hair to ear, white face, harmony body. The whole person seemed to be a fairy, looked like a noble lady with high education.

If the last girl was an icy mountain, she was like a warm breeze, the smile touched everybody around.

She smiled and walked to Xiao Wu and nodded to her. Xiao Wu gave her the crystal.

Bright light appeared again, not as strong as before, but still over lvl 25, at least lvl 26.

When she wanted to ask the teacher if she could go to the fourth round, she found the crystal in her hand disappeared, a figure appeared next to her. The light shone and even stronger than her, seemed to be lvl 27.

The last one, was the cold girl came with Dai Mubai.

The teacher looked surprised, ‘ there were monsters every year, this year there were a lot, four, good, good, it seemed i could get a bonus. Mubai, take them all to the fourth round then.’

‘yes’Dai answered and then led them into the school. Nobody objected this time.

Tang San followed dai and asked, ‘are there only four rounds for the admission test?’

Dai nodded, ‘there are four. You already passed the first one, which got rid of anybody older than thirteen or have soul force less than lvl21. most people failed there. The second round was to test the soul force and martial soul. Strong soul force alone could not prove you are promising. This round tested martial soul, only if the martial soul had good promise and it was practiced in the right direction could get in the second round. Of course if the martial soul was strange enough, you could also pass, like Oscar. ‘

Tang San understood easily, after all, he learned a lot from Da Master. Even with the same martial soul, different directions will determine different results. This round was to pick the ones with strong martial soul and the ones with correct first two soul rings.

‘Dai, but my martial soul is blue silver grass, belongs to the catalogue that does not have promise, how come?’

Dai laughed, ‘ you dont have to be modest. i knew your strength. The rules are that if the soul force is above lvl 25, no matter which martial soul he has, he can pass second and third round. even if the quality of the martial soul is weaker, if the soul force is high above, you can still become a strong soul master with the help of the advantage of the soul force.

Xiao Wu asked,’ so what is the third round?’

Dai said, ‘the third round test how the student can use his martial soul. He needs to be able to control his martial soul. And better quality martial soul is harder to control. If the student is lack of controllability, that mean the soul master is not diligent enough, we will not take those. ‘

Tang San understood, Dai was right, some martial souls are hard to control, like his other one, the strange hammer, it was ridiculously heavy and became heavier as his soul force increased. Tang San believed he could only wave it three times at his best using the chaotic wind, way of hammer.

Without more questions, Dai continued to explain about the fourth round, ‘the fourth round tested the ability to fight. Some students have good martial soul and can control them, but they live in noble families, and grow up in the honey can, and know nothing about the outside. The school would not take this kind either. ‘


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