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Immovable King Zhao Wuji (1)

January 17, 2013

After hearing Dai Mubai, all the four people became silent. Xiao Wu could not help but commented,’ do your school pick students or pick wives? that is so strict. no wonder the teacher said you took only monsters. probably only monsters could pass the four tests. I wanted to ask, how many students Shrek School have now? how many can it take every year?’

Dai smiled bitterly, ‘Shrek School was founded for twenty years, altogether 42 students are taken. So a bit more than 2 every year. If all you four are taken this year, it will be a record. Before now, the school hasn’t taken new students for two years. There are three students in the school currently including me.

“Three?” Except the cold girl, all the others yelled.

Dai said,’ on the whole land, we are probably the only school in which there are more teachers than students. Even after admitting all of you, we will still have more teachers than students. ‘

‘In that sense, how can the school survive? there can’t be income without students. ‘ Tang San said.

Dai said, ‘ why else the school in such a tiny village, it is because of lack of funding. If not that my family supported the school last year. it probably already closed. If we cant get any this year. then three of us would be the last round of students. ‘

‘why the school does not relax some of the requirements? there seems a lot of people want to come. ‘ the soft girl was confused.

Dai looked respectful, ‘ the president said, we’d rather be lack of than having too many useless ones. No matter what time, even if we have to close the school, we will not take waste and only want monster. Do you know the condition to graduate? we are not medium school nor higher school, because we are different from them. we only take students until 13, with talent. and you have to pass lvl 40 before 20 years old, to graduate. ‘

‘The school has taken 62 students, only 14 actually graduated. Every single of these graduates becomes someone after they leave. The best one is the youngest elder in the martial soul church, only second to the pope. The people who did not graduate are the ones who did not get to lvl 40 before 20 years old or the ones died hunting soul monsters. The president has said, dont go out and lose his face if you dont have more than lvl 41. ‘

Dai became very excited as he was saying, showing apparent respect to this president.

Tang San smiled, ‘ I am glad I am here. ‘

Dai signed, ‘the kingdom wanted to fund the school, but requested the graduate the serve the royal. The president refused and our Shrek School is different from other schools and they are mean to us. thus what we become.’

Tang San suddenly realized he wanted to meet this president. He wanted to see what kind of person would persist to found a school like this for twenty years.

‘we are here’ Dai stopped. Now they were in the middle of an opening. It was about 200 square meters, a guy in his fifties was sleeping on a chair.

‘Teacher Zhao, I take people for the fourth round. ‘

‘en? there are people come to fourth round this year? four even’ He barely woke up and was surprised to look at the four students.

Dai said, ‘not only four of them come to the fourth round, they were even exempt from the second and third round.

Zhao looked awakened, and stood up from the chair, he was not tall and looked plain, but very muscular, he was shorter than twelve year old Tang San, but gave people the feeling of being strong.  His wide shoulders were like walls, outfit was not enough to hide his steel like muscles. He looked kind, but his body made people feel pressure.

‘four over lvl 25, good, good, quite a few small monsters. I am the last round, after passing me, you will become one of the students. But my test is not easy. Able to fight is necessary for all soul masters. and that is what i am going to test.’ His eyesight swept through all four young people and continued,’ I am Zhao Wuji, since all of you four are exempted from the second and third round, I will play with you myself. I will give you the time of this hourglass to discuss and to know each other. After the sand all drops, the test will begin. The test is for four of you together to resist my attack for an hour glass of time. As long as one of you can endure to the last, you will all pass. I hope you understand that there is no trick you can play. no one can run fast enough away. Also, I want to warn you that, none of you can resist my attack alone. Your only chance is to work with each other. ‘

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