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Immovable King Zhao Wuji (2)

January 17, 2013

‘Teach Zhao, that was not very nice.’ Dai said with hesitation.

Zhao Wuji stared at him’ what not nice, the president was not here, I am the biggest. I said nice it is nice, ok i will start the hour glass, you dont have that much time, start preparing, you can tell them about my skills.

After that, he got an hour glass out of nowhere and it started the time. He fell back to his chair and closed his eyes and fell asleep again.

Tang San and the other three people did not feel special about the way to test. On the other hand, Dai was serious and collected four of them together.  ‘ i cant help you this time, didn’t imagine Teacher Zhao would fight himself.’

Xiao Wu smiled,’ Teacher Zhao is not like the teacher in front of the entrance, a strong guy at the level of soul emperor, is he?’

Dai shook his head, ‘he is not’.

Xiao Wu smiled,’then we are not afraid, after all, four of us are close to lvl 30. four against one, if the difference is not that great, can’t we survive just one hour glass’s time?’

Dai rolled his eyes and looked at Xiao Wu as if she was stupid, ‘if you think Teacher Zhao’s attack is easy to resist, that will be very wrong. He is not a soul emperor in the lvl 60ish. He is lvl 76 soul saint. monster martial soul. fight soul saint, vice president of the school, only second to the president. ‘

Tang San and the other three’s pupils shrank together, lvl 76? In their mind, not just four of them under lvl 30, even against 10 thousand soldiers, soul saints could go around as they wish.

Xiao Wu could not believe herself, ‘he has lvl 76? but he seems to be younger than the teacher in front of  the entrance.

Dai said,’ age is never a problem. there is not much time. I will tell you simply the skills of Teacher Zhao, and then we have to come up with a strategy against him, or else, not to see one hour glass’s time, resisting the first wave will be lucky.’

The four youth became serious, it was not a joke against a lvl 76 soul saint.

The legend was that there was one soul saint from Tang San’s saint soul village. But that was legend. This one was real, and was going to test them.

Dai smiled bitterly,’ Teacher Zhao was only proctoring for the fourth round, I was supposed to be your opponent. If you can survive one hour glass, you will pass, but who knows which reaction arch of his goes wrong today that he wants to fight himself. ‘

‘Teacher Zhao’s martial soul is great force Kingkong Bear, it is a strong martial soul. no weakness all around the body, very good defense, even soul master of the same level would have a hard time to break through his defense to hurt him. Although he was not fast, but the difference between your soul force and his was too much. You would not be faster than him. He was strongest in attacking and defending, nicknamed immovable king. Not only you four, add me, we would not resist an hour glass of attack, now i just hope he would not get too serious when attacking. ‘

no weakness, that was enough to describe how strong Zhao Wuji was.

The soft girl yelled suddenly, ‘He is immovable king Zhao Wuji then. he disappeared 10 years in the land, nobody knew he became teacher for Shrek School. In the past, he had something with the martial soul church, and the church wanted to punish him and he rushed out from the surrounding of sixteen bishops and the thing was ended like that. The bishop would be at least lvl 60 and by then Zhao Wuji should also be lvl 60ish. now he would be even stronger then.’

Dai nodded,’ at least, I have never seen he used all his force, so you should pray more. he has seven soul rings, two hundred year old ring, two thousand year old ring, and three ten thousand year old ring. All the rings add attack and defense, so you can imagine the horror of him. Now you should get to know each other’s name and skill and see what’s the best strategy to pass this test. ‘

Tang San immediately said, ‘I am Tang San, tool martial soul blue silver grass, lvl 29 control-type fight soul master.’ Xiao Wu said, ‘Xiao Wu, monster martial soul bunny, lvl 29 strong attack fight soul master.’ the soft girl said after a bit of hesitation, ‘Ning Rongrong, tool martial soul seven-treasure glass tower, lvl 26 supporting soul master.’ The cold girl was still cold, ‘Zhu zhuqing, monster soul master pluto cat, lvl 27 agile-attack fight soul master. ‘

After everybody introduced themselves, including Dai Mubai, everybody ‘s eyesight focus on one of them. this person is the soft girl Ning Rongrong.

Tang San was surprised,’ your martial soul was seven-treasure glass tower, then you are from the seven-treasure glass Clan then?’

This special martial soul was only passed on from parents to children. Only people belonged to the clan could have it.



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